September 1 – September 3 1854

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Sept 1854

Fr 1rst        23 years ago I was mar
ried my prospects wer bright
& flatering & a young wife to
cheer me on & give me that
pleasure that no other life
can afford. O what a change
a short period of 23 years can ma
ke in human affairs. I am
now sitting in my cabin all
alone in a pine forest & sur
rounding mountains, in plum
as cty cala, near apposite the
mouth Nelson creek & my
wife in George town ky, may
we yet live to get her a score &
three years to help each other
while passing the down hill
of life & finally to put our
trust in him that is able to
help in time of need &c
I gave lawyer able 25$ to as
sist in my suit with Vaughn
we got gold 10 1/2$ —

Sept 1854

Sat 2           I & shaw are working the
same spot of ground that I &
John workd the 9th sept last
a long side of two pitch pines
one large I cut the small one
down last sept & the large one
blew up by the roots last win
ter. so we work under the
roots of the large one to day
& got nearly all the gold of
81$ one piece wighing 35 1/2$
The Johns got gold 16$ the first they
have taken out in 6 1/2 days
we divided out 58$ 62 1/2 cts a piece
after paying 22$ expences &c

Su 3            my partner shaw left
this morning to go down to
his ranch. I & the Johns
took 3 axes to grind & a pick
to be sharpd down to the point
I got a letter from my wife
of date June 31rst1 54 & July
the 24th 542 as the figures indicate

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  1. Martha Haun’s letter of June 31 1854 has been preserved and is available here.
  2. Not included in this collection.