September 12 – September 18 1854

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Sept 1854

Tu 12           I pd for dinners & whiskey 4$
at sunset I & John after paying
B Hawk 5$ for 2 picks & hoc we went
four miles to illinois ranch staid all
kt i am to pay 29 1/2$ for compy good

We 13         pd 50 cts for our lodging & went
six miles home to breckfast & then
out to work. I & shaw & the Johns
& McThey dug down there big pine
tree to day. we all got gold 30$
I dreamd I was in georgetown &
went with my wife to her rented
house & we got in bed together &
that sam was killing hogs &
th 14 I & shaw got gold 19 1/2$ working
in the old ravine that was so
ritch last year the Johns got
gold 34$ Mc was not at work

Fr 15           I shaw & Mc was at work in
the old ravine & got gold 34$ & the
johns got 38$ the water is so
weak we dont use the hose &
pipe it threatend rain on yes
turday & last kt but none fell

Set 1854

Sat 16         I & shaw went to work in
the old ravine for the last time
we was at it till noon & got gold
5$ the Johns were mining all day
& Mc with them till noon P.M.
we three went to the willow ranch
to help raise a barn after supper
I & Mc went down to the point I
pd Thompson 4 1/2$ for beef & green
Mchatton had left me the 100$ I
loand him the Johns got gold 44$

Su 17          I shaw & Mcfall after set
ling the past weeks work we
started for sister betsys we took
dinner at Col Russell in the a
merican vally we then stopd at
Brdleys & saw my lawyer he told
me the judge had granted a new
trial with Vaughn. late in
P.M. we landed at Betsey town

Mo 18         we started out a prospect
ing & put in the day & did no
thing of importance my back
paid the penalty for sleeping on
a hard bed last kt

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