September 14 – September 21 1857

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Sept 57

Mo 14         Kts are frosty & mornings
are cool. John & lem went to
Judkins mill & 300 ft plank
Lem closd up the end of Davys
bed room, Rains & John went
to alfords mill & got load slabs
& some refuse plank cost 3$

Tu 15          frosty all hands idle not
one thing doing. Redstone was
orderd out of our premises by
John my wife gave him a good
tong lashing he took it
I don’t feel like work at present

We 16         Ive got John & Rains water
ing the potatoes Lem fixing the
root house

Th 17          John & Dick to help. Ray
& Myres to thresh wheat, i
& lem made throughs & box

Sept 57

to wash wheat this a.m.
we only washd 4 sacks &
put it out to dry.

Fr 18           John & Rains water
ing potatoes & Lem allso

Sat 19        Dick watering potatoes
Rains Brushing the whe
at stubble. I, lem & John
fixing fence p.m. Lem
John & Dick making
stakes & cutting poles
I cannot work at anything

Su 20          I am verry low spirited my
affairs is in a verry bad fix
I know not where to look for
relief but come it must

Mo 21         John brushing the wheat
stubble none of the boys at
work Lem & Rains drove
Bidy to bull at
Rays. I was arigating &c

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