September 15 – September 23 1856

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Sept 56

thin city candidates on the last

Mo 15          at work on the west end of
the barn, we still keep arigating

Tu 16          our work is the same today

We 17         the same as before —

Th 18          Wife Lize & 3 other Ladies
went over to Rocky Bar came back to
Ill Ranch took tea &
then came home by moon light
dancing at the court house

Fr 19           Rains sick on We last did
no work that day, I finished
that end of the Barn Rains
went to Alfords & got 8 pieces
of scantling to assist in making

Sat 20         Rains to Alfords after some
20 ft plank & other stuff —
I to making doors PM we
succeeded in making 1 pair &
I recvd a letter from H.P by
E T Hogan1 alls well on Fri day
last.. & one from Dr Barllow2 25 Cts

Sept 56

last Kt stating that our ne
groes were all well & that
Nelsons leg would soon be so
that he could walk on it again

Su 21          wife was some unwell
on Fr Kt last but is well to
all appearances. I wrote a
letter to H.P. cost 25 ₵.. I pd
1/2$ for paper. 2 trains of im
egrants & 350 head of stalk
on their way down to sacrame
nto vally, P.M. Liz took
a walk out without leave
to meet Ward all is not
right Done to run off to marry.

Mo 22         I followed a train to see
Phelps up spanish creek
did not succeed, I & Myers
are his securities for 500$ in
a case to the Surpreme court

Tu 23           I was all day helping.
Maston make hinges for
the barn doors, Dave came

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  1. Not included in this collection.
  2. Not included in this collection.