September 19 – September 24 1854

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Sept 1854

Tu 19          we Baught a claim of is
ac adams for 150$ & out Mc
fall to work our interest &c

We 20         there was two old tarrs a
prospecting at the foot of sister
Betsys Ravine. They askd me
to take an interest with them

Thu 21       I & shaw set in with them
& sunk it to the bed rock 24 ft
& 16 ft under water we got no gold

Fr 22           we were examing our dig
gins & took up two claims
adjoining the ones we bought
last kt there was a ball at one
of the Hotells. I was looking on
to see how they done up things
of that sort in cala old merrie
woman of all ages up to5 & 40 was
on the floor all the kt scearcely
1/2 day girls at the bal

Sat 23         after breckfast we paid
our bills mine was 9 1/2$ we st
arted for home. I stopd at
bradleys some time & there

Sept 54

went to Russells took dinner
P.M. went by Myers saw a qua
rter race & a first fight. I then
started for home with shaw
I had hot not slepd in the same bed
to kts, the consequence I was low
sey, we got home in good time for supper

Su 24          I took off my duds last kt
& laid them a side & took a cold
bath put on a clean shirt & to bed
& slepd com fortable got up in
the morning bathed again breck
fasted settled our affairs I & Lloyd
went down to the point got some
dust changd & sent Lloyd back
with the money for Shaw, as he
was going to sister Betsys
to work our interst I staid till
late & saw a fight in whitch
Pat Culey one of my old part
ners got whepd quite easy by
Jim pike as they call him
we got no money in our new claim
the Johns got gold 62 3/4$ my less

is 12 chapt 1rst corithians

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