September 24 – September 27 1855

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Sept 55

Mo 24       after supper & the moon two
hours high. I took the rifle & set in
the other cabin door watching for the
mountain cats or fishes,1 one ca
me up to the slop hole. I shot at it
but missd. loaded & waited for an
other it soon came. I maid it squal
& yet it was able to get a way, we
did not clean up to kt —

Tu 25          I Dreamd of being in company
with wife as she was passing by I
caught her by the foot in a play it
seemd that it was in Georgetown –
I calld up the men & got out early
we were soon stopd by the hose riping
twice A.M. & once the P.M. we got
gold 6 1/2$ hope to do better tomorrow

We 26         I Dreamd last kt of being in compa
ny with Wife again. I thought
that we were to geather in some
city and a lone, she had on dressd
for bed as I thought. I askd her
where she slepd. she told me in
some tavern but I forgot the name

Sept 55

of the house. I then askd her if
she could accomodate me,
she told me if I would give
her all the money i could conveni
ently do with out that she would
i was about to sware by God & i
changd to the holy st Patrick. I
was so mutch vexd that i woke
up immediately & did not sleep
good again the last half the kt –
besides ive felt uncomfotable all
day & the dream in my head all
the time we was at work early
but the water has faild us so we
cannot half work, P.M. John
& Rositer went up the ditch to
see if all was right, & I to sewing
the hose, late we got to piping we
did not clean up

Th 27          I slepd moore composd last kt. I only
dreamd of seeing Jas Barlow I do not rec
collect at what place. The weather was
never moore pleasant & dry, the weather was
never moore pleasant & dry, the water
quite gone not enoughf to fill the pipe
half the day with all we can save in
the reservoy after noon I am sewing

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  1. Mountain lions and fishers are both native to the Sierra Nevada.