September 28 – October 7 1856

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Sept 56

wards. I recvd a note from
Bradberry, saying that no
lady would insult a Gentl
at sutch a place & that
he had concluded to take no
notice of the conduct &c
I shewed it to Hogan & Dews
ler, they advisd me to pay
no attention to it, we are
in hell on earth.. we have done
everything we can to
prevent her from maring him

Mo 29         I was at work planking the
North side of the barn below
the sil. Bill watering cabbage

Tu 30          I finished what I was at the
day before & feel verry mutch
out of humour on account
of our domestic troubles &c
Dave came over But is not
at all pleasant, I sent for him
as I heard he was going below.

Oct 56

We 1            I & Rains are halling out
manure on the wheat stub
ble at least what little work we
do. Dave went home

Th 2            we are still at the same

Fr 3              no change of work

Sat 4           we did a good days halling
of manure but did not finish

Su 5            The boys took out near 1000$
the past week at Rocky Bar..
I think it was on Friday last
that I & Rains cut away some
drifts in Spanish Creek & wil
lows so that water could pass

Mo 6            we mad two log heaps one
in the field , the other on the
garden. I cut down a Dead
tree in the lot. that helpd to
make the heap in the garden

Tu 7             clowdy this morning I &
Rains heaping logs back

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