September 30 – October 2 1855

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Sept 55

Su 30        him in a bunch of bushes his
thumb was soon between my ivory
& my fingers in his eyes he sung
out for help but Rains & John world
not let me be taken off him till
he sung out again & again then Rai
ns took me off him he went in the
cabin & got his butcher knife & got to
the door by this time I had my eifle
cockd & invited him out in apiysa
he did not come. so we went home
& took dinner after a while & then
went down to the point there I sees
the old cock again. he commensd to a
buse me again so whack I took
hi over the head & blead him good
& had him lying on his back across
the counter when I was pulld off
him so we closd except a few thrusts
with the unruly member. him wi
th gauge eyes a bad chewd thumb
& a bad cut on the head & i barly
scratchd. I wrote a letter to Jack & pd
the pastage 1/4$ & then home after
supper I read 7th & 8 chapters of Mark
I hope God will pardon me for to days conduct

Oct 55

Mo 1           we was out to the diggins
in good tie but there was verry
little water we concluded mini
ng was up with us untill rain
we went back to the house & took a
shovel a piece & 1 pick & cleand out
in part the pike ditch near the dig
gins a tree had fallen a cross the ditch
& the water all ruan out, we closd it
up again & went down to the diggin
after dinner we ewnt to pipeing
but the hose soon tore & by the time
I got them mended the water had run do
wn. we then cleand up & got 3 1/2$

Tu 2             we went to work verry leisure
ly knowing we could not have
water to work with after noon
about 10 A.M. Duesler came to
our diggins & two other strangers
I calld him to me the other two
soon left going to dinner he told
me his buisness it was to borrow
money to buy a house at Rabit
creek P.M. we did nothing but
clean up & got 14 1/2$ supper over
we went down to the & learnd

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