September 30 – October 4 1854

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i rolld up two pairs of heavy
Blankets a towell & tide on a
tin cup my rifle & amunition
& butcher knife tinng at my
left side we staid all kt at
sister Bitsys after a travel of
only 12 1/2 miles our dinner 75 cts

Oct 54

Su 1            we staid all day in town
to Kt was preaching by a me
thodist by name of willanot
& parson Bonner to assist
sqr starks had to go in [illegible]
ten pinn ally to stop them
from rolling while preaching
coal going on as the houses
were loining to gether —

Mo 2           the Johns finishd work
ing on the floom. They had
allso workd on saturday
on the floom &c ……

Oct 54

Mo 2            I, shaw & others started
for the snake lake diggins, a
distance of 4 miles from Bet
sey town my bill at vainey
2$ there is 8 of us in compy all
went to work sinking holes, but
me & old Davy we went 5 miles
after an oven & coffee pot & pan

Tu 3             well last kt Lawrence
shaw & I spread some of our
Blankets down on the frosted
fern & other vegetation down
we lay for a snooze whitch
we relishd quite well but for
the back ache near morning
we partook verry harty of our
meals with out table or plate
late in the eve ning John came
over as he could do nothing
for the want of water —

We 4           all eight to work two holes
sinking & one drifting in
old Davy & I went after wheel

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