September 30 – October 4 1857

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Sept 57

I pd Lem 47 1/2$ & col
lected 1 1/4$ for grinding on
Grindstone & 2 1/2$ for past


Th 1             I started in company
with Lem & Rains for
Mville. we startd a sh
ort time at Nelson point
I got on Thompson 816 1/4$
a part of Loan of J.V. Over
ton. we then took din
ner at Gibsonville &
fed horses 1 1/2$ then to
Rabbitt. I settled with
Dr Brewster all even,
then we took up at the
Buckey for the kt.

Fr 2              we pd out hills horse
& man cash 3. $ for sup

Oct 57

per & Lodging, we stopd
at woods, eat breckfast
& fed horse 1 1/2$ then to
stanfield Ranch for di
nner & horse 1/4$ & then
I stopd at Bro Jacks a
little after dark all from

Sat 3           Jack came in last
kt his wife at san fra
ncisco for her health
we went down town
I bought 2 tts grapes 1/2$
& had a tube put in my
pistol 1$ I was to see capt
Ny & family & Faulin
I went over to H.P.s late P.m.
with him & others

Su 4            H.P. & family is not
well. Col. Thompkins came
out with sack we were
hunting hairs p.m.

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