September 4 – September 6 1856

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Sept 56

Th 4             I & Lizy went over to Ro
cky Bar & took Dinner I pd
John Ritchey 500$ borowd
money & interest from 7th
last april still due 10$ we
came home & some very susp
icious Persons staid in town
last Kt but left early this morn

Fr 5              I’ve been arigating some
P.M. Rains made acknalleg
ments for his ad conduct I
accepted.. my waggon was finds
Last week I had a pick sharpend

Sat 6           cold & frosty las Kt the
potatoe tops froze again I pd
Haydon 200$ on the last
payment on the ranch
still due 200$ moore on the 8th
I Rains & wife cleaned & finshed
up the hen hous, Ben Fer
ian pd me 21$ for ranching
Last kt so we are even &
John came over this evening

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