September 6 – September 13 1853

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Sept 1853

Tu 6             Our new diggings turns out poorly.
My seld & Dobson prospected another
gultch & got form 24 cts to 5$ per pan.

We 7            A good person prospect in another place
of the same gultch, This afterniin
all hands went to the state election
except John, & voted to Coco foco
ticket, for governor, John Bigler.1.

Th 8             Moovd one set of sloose boxes to
our new gultch. 4 of us set them up &
went to washing dirt at the last
place opposite our brush tent, get but
little gold as yet here.

Fr 9              Commensd work in the new gltch
4 of us. We got today about 25$=

Sat 10         We went to work in good soirits
all hands 8 of us. Took today 85$–
& we had not got down to the bed rock
yet. O the lumps as big as the ends of fingers.

Sept 1853

Su 11          After breckfast John made up two
loves of dough. & then took his & my
pick to Nelson Creek & had them sharpd
& brought .11lbs beef at 30 cts per .lb & 7 1/2 lbs
bacon at 40. Cts ber lb. & I staid in camp
& took off the roof of my 5 by 6 ft bunk
& out it on again so if it dose rain a
gain I don’t think it will leak on us.
I dreamd that I was in George
town & that you wanted me to
to to bef with you—————

Mo 12         We took out 308$ today, & I drea
md that I was in Gen Pratts & you
with 3 other Ladies came in and you was
nursing a baby about 3 years
old, I did not understand that.

Tu 13          Changed out boxes to get moore
gold, did not weigh today, one
half worked in daylight the other

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  1. The third governor of California, serving from 1852-1856.