September 7 – September 14 1856

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Sept 56

Su 7            Nothing of note ac
curd during the day

Mo 8            I, John & Brookey went
over to Rocky Bar stopd so
me time up at our old diggins

Tu 9             I staid all day & worked in the
diggins, took out 92$

We 10         Brooky & Kyler went over to
the Am Vally. Rains & i
were wartering cabbage & pota

Th 11          I & Rains were at work on
the east end of the Barn put
ting up Plank on the gable end

Fr 12           this is the same today

Sat 13        we finishd & did sone on
the west end the plank is
to streighten

Su 14          it is very unlike any
other day Fidling drinking
& gambling all goes well here
the Blk Republicans have
had their meeting & nominated

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