February 13 – February 18 1857

February 5 – February 12 1857 February 18 – February 23 1857

John J. Haun, February 13 1857 - February 18 1857

 Feb 1857

13th rained all day a little commenced piping but the water gave
out before dinner we put in a box at the lower end done no work
Sat in the evening a large rock came down & broke a short box at the head
14th rained all day pretty steady did not work today having no wa
Su ter broke rocks I went to Sterlings & got a sledge nothing else today
15th rained very hard last night & all day today the river raised a great
deal we got some drift wood snowed in the evening & after supper
the old tailing are going away very fast we had to take up some of out
boxes to keep them from washing off we went to the point & staid a
Mo while a tree fell across out leading troughs & broke several boxes
16th snoed very hard all day we commenced setting out boxes over
again & givine them 4 inches more fall to the box snow about 12 in
Tus at night & quit snowing a very dis agreeabb day to work
17th pretty cool all day finished setting out boxes today Ned & Sweeten
Wed cut down a tree standing against our reservoir nothing more today
18th pretty cold in the morning moderated towards noon comme
February 5 – February 12 1857 February 18 – February 23 1857