February 2 – February 6 1854

January 29 – February 2 1854 February 6 – February 10 1854

John J. Haun, February 2 1854 - February 6 1854

Feb 1854

   about noon  got a pretty good porspect on the bed rock  feet wet & cold all
Fr day  snow melting but little today  nothing otherwise today
3rd still at work in the same ravine ground slucing  cloudy all day and rained a
little about noon but none to signify  also a little after supper  saw sev
Sat eral lion tracks crossing out path  nothing else today
4th rained all day a little & melted the snow very fast  worked in the fore
oon carrying sluces & setting them for the purpose of trying a place in
the ravine  got wet through & very cold  done no mining   in the evening
washed some clothes &c &c  Pa went to the point & got a couple of letters for
Su him & me from home dated Nov 28 & 29  I cut Dobsons hair after tea  no more
5th rained from morning until nearly night & turned to snowing hard  all of us
went to Mc Donnalds cabbin in the morning but he was not at home
came by the willow ranch & stopped a while  Phillips & his partner came
up with us & staid the rest of the day & played chess cards &c &c  got some
Mon late papers from the ranch  nothing else today
January 29 – February 2 1854 February 6 – February 10 1854