February 6 – February 10 1854

February 2 – February 6 1854 February 10 – February 15 1854

John J. Haun, February 6 1854 - February 10 1854

Feb 1854

.   one year today since I left the little town of G  sluced washed all day
in the same ravine  made about 11$ today 3 of us  a dark cloudy rainy
day  got wet & ripped my old coat to pieces & altered it after supper but did
Tus not finish it  nothing unusual today
7th nothing new today  a clear beautiful day  snow melting fast  sluce washed
today & made 23$  doing a little better  sewed a little on my coat after
Wed supper  thought about leaving the diggins & going somewhere else
8th clear & pretty until towards dark  clouded up & looked like rain  sluce
washed in the forenoon & took out about 34$  one piece weighing 29$  sluced
Th off the top dirt in the evening  sewed on my coat after supper
9th cloudy all day & looked like rain  windy in the afternoon  still ground
slucing  worked very hard all day  rained after supper a little
Fr finished my coat after supper  nothing more new today
10 commenced raining in the morning & continued all day steady
ground sluced all day in the rain  very heavy wash  met some
February 2 – February 6 1854 February 10 – February 15 1854