January 10 – January 14 1854

January 8 – January 10 1854 January 14 – January 18 1854

John J. Haun, January 10 1854 - January 14 1854

Jan 1854

.    all day  snow melting some little  the men in the cabbin have ab
Wed andoned the diggings  I suppose for a while at least  no more today
11th nothing particularly new today  still drifting near the creek  worked h
ard all day still in hopes of finding something soon  wary & cloudy &
Thr windy all day  rained a little after supper & the wind blew very hard
12th rained all day steady  went up the ditch in the evening  broke
up the ice & let the water down  got wet through  came to the cabbin
& put on dry clothes ground sluced in the foot of the ravine in the even
Fr ing so as to get to washing & make some money
13th rained all day  worked hard all day repairing the ditch & dammed the
water in its propper place  ground sluced some in the forenoon  rained
all night on the 12th  H—rich came up after his things about noon
Sat nothing of interest today  snowed very hard after we got
14th up I found the snow about 12 inches deep & still snowing fast
repaired the ditch in the forenoon & ground sluced some  saw a mountain
cat while we were at work
January 8 – January 10 1854 January 14 – January 18 1854