January 27 – February 1 1857

January 19 – January 26 1857 February 2 – February 7 1857

James Haun, Book 4, January 27 1857 - February 1 1857

Jan 1857

Tacy there nothing more to day
worked on the flume again to day rai
ling & caulking it rained a little
in the evening we finished the flume
on our side of the creek nothing else
warm & cloudy to day Ned & I fixed up
our leading troughs leading into our
hose also fixed up starlings boxes to
lead in to our claim Davies & Ky
ler caulked the floom we got wood
in the evening out of the old Friz
cabbin snow melting fast to day
commenced sluicing in the morni
ng but a slide came down & broke a
coupple of boxes we mended
& done no work int he evening b
ut drinde out tools &c great ex
citement about McNabbs digg
ings on the hill I wrote a few

Jan 1859

lines about it nothing m
ore of consequence to day Dad
& Kyler commenced working
after supper
ned went to the point to mend som
e hoes while Iweton & I broke roc
ks & Dad & kyler slept after worki
ng all night we ground sluiced all eve
ning 3 of us Mc sombody I dont kn
ow hoo took dinner with us Ky
ler & Dad run again to night &c
broke rocks all forenoon & piped in
the after run out a great many r
ocks Dad & Kyler running to night
but the water gae out about 8 oc
& kyler went up the fum to see
about it very cold this morning
nothing interesting to day
went to the point about noon & staid


January 19 – January 26 1857 February 2 – February 7 1857