January 29 – February 2 1854

January 24 – January 28 1854 February 2 – February 6 1854

John J. Haun, January 29 1854 - February 2 1854

Jan 1854

Sun a clear beautiful sunshiny day  Dobson & myself went visiting for the first
29th time since I have been in the country  went to Mc Donnalds cabbin but he
was not at home  came home about noon  I set a snair for a cayote  I thought
a great deal about home as I walked along the side of the mountain  everything
looked beautiful from the reflection of the sun  Pa went to the point in the
Mo evening & came back about dark  nothing more new
30th a clear beautiful day  went up to the ditch to see about the water  repaired
Tus the ditch & caulked the first floom & started the water down  nothing else today
31st nothing new today  another beautiful day  went up & cleaned the snow out
Wed of the ditch & got the water running down & ready for work  nothing else today
1st went to work with a good head of water in the foot of the rich ravine  ground
sluced all day  feet wet & cold all day  another pretty day  snow melting very
fast  Willman & Iman came up while we was at work in the evening
Thr but did not stay long  no more today
2nd cloudy a little all day  sluced in the same place  came to the bed rock
January 24 – January 28 1854 February 2 – February 6 1854