Promisary Note – 1845, 1854

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One day after date I promise to pay
to C West or order one hundred &
eighty three dollars for value 200
Georgetown Feburary 19th 1845
(signed) H.P. Haun”

The above is a copy of the note from H.P.
Haun to C. West filed in the Scott circuit
court. I brot suit on this note in October
1845 to July oct to the payment of it HP
Haun is interest in the estate of Ky sister
Elizabeth who had died in September 1845
Mr Haun returned from Iowa and paid the
debt and at the May town 1846 the suit
was dismissed

The note which J H Haun took with him
to Calafornia or appear by [tri vccit?] to
West, is for one hundred & eight dollars
executed august 15th 1843 to John
Applegate and by how apined to said
West. It will be Jan at one that
the two notes are not the same as
How suppose, but and different in
amount, date and pason to whom
payable. January 30th 1854

A Duvall

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