April 2 1853

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


Georgetown April the 2cd 1853

My Dear husband–

I set down this sunday
knight after coming from church, to commence
a letter to you I do not expect to finish it to
knight– we are all in good health at this
time– betty has not been confined yet I am almost
out of patience waiting on her— the connexions & friends
are all well.. & all of the negroes.. I will try & give
you an account of the proceedings of the church in
B W Finnell & Shepards trial.. you know
they had appointed a commitee of ten to investigate
& settle the difficulty. they were nearly three days
investigating the matter & making out a report
after the congregation was dismissed last sunday
he requested the members to remain he then asked
if the report should be read the committee said
yes & their report was that Shepard had acted
in a way calculated to deceiv Finnell. Shepard
told Finnell that he would see him at 4 o clo
in the evening, to let him have a negro man
& some land on Eagle to pay the det he owed
him & in an hour after telling F that he
went to Howard Smitt & Robinson & made
a deel trust & put all of his property out of
his hands Shepard acnolledged to the com
mittee that he had no intintion of doing what
he told F he would do but told him this
to get clear of him.. & of course the committee condem
ed that in him after brother Smith read the
report on Sunday last Shepard seemed to be
verry angry & said the report was false & said
a great many things to hurt the feelings of the
committee & brother Smith also he was verry
severe on him. they did not put it to vote that
day whether or not the church would receive the
repot of the committee but appointed last
friday to settle it the members were all
there– & Jeffy got up & laid the whole
matter before the church all the business trans
action of his & Finell the church them
novted & received the report, then Jeffy
got verry angry & with drew him & his
wife from the church. I do not think there
was three members on his side it is my opinions
with some others that he was determined that
the fuss between him & F should get him out
for he knew if that had been setled amicably
the matter of his child would have been brough
t up next & I think he could not stand that
Jef had B J Thompson D H Smitt & B Glass
testimony taken in the church, but it owuld
nota ll do him any good, he is now out of hte
church, —–
my Dear I resume my writing a gain to knight
yesterday Mrs Holtzclaw & betty & betty Moorland &
Mrs Keene & my self spent the day at Ben Rinnells & to
morrow we are all going to sister Johnsons in
the country.- Sister Johnson told me to say to you
for her that she come to see me every few days &
sends her love to you. she comes two or three times
a week I never can forget her kindness to me in
fact every one seems verry kind to me. I never
set two hours a lone every one of the ladys in
the house flock to my room & there is every day
more or less calls on me MRs Powell is verry
friendly.. though I do say it my self I know
that my society is as much or more courted
than any lady in this place, & then they
show a disposition to try & make me pass of
my time pleasantly.- Dr Keene is so thou
ghtful & kind to me I pass my time as
pleasantly as I could possibly do under the
circumstances, but oh a way from all that
is Dear to me on earth how could I expect
much happiness, but when inteligent min
& men that their opinions is worth hearing
speak of our fortitude & say you have taken the
proper course & wise one for the benifit
of our child & speak in such high terms
of your energy & determination I feel as
though I could bear it with all fortitude
General Johnson come to see me & said he
was glad that you had done what you have
that it was the verry best thing you could
have done & said he knew you was two good
a business man to be wasting your time here
he says he knows you will make money he
urged him to go a bout a mong my friends &
spend my time cheerfully & pleasant-
Emma Smith told me to say to you to
make the acquaintance of the young gentil
man she sent the letter too by you she
said she wrote to him a bout you telling
him to do the same, Mrs Holtzclaw says
you must be sure to write as she told
you she sends her best respects to you–
there is so many persons makes enqurys a
bout you & says I give him my love when
you write that I could not begin to name
then it is almost every one in town even
old Dr Sutton every time he sees me is asking
a bout you. Martha Graves sends her love to you &
says she misses you verry much at church & you must
make haste & come back. she says tell him I hope the
lord will prosper him & every one that you ever had
any intimacy with. I ride almost as mutch as I did
when I had a buggy Dr Keene bought a gentile horse
on purpose for his wife to drive & her & I ride often
& bet Mooreland says I must ride with her this sumer
so between the two I expect to ride a great deal–
well we spent the day to day with sister Johnson & I
will give you the names of the ladys that went from
town, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Bradly Mr holtzclaw Mrs De
vall Mr Martha Grave Mrs Hull, & Mrs Keene bet
Mooreland  bet Holtzclaw Gabe Saunders Mrs Cable & my
self we had quite a pleasant time but oh when I set down
to the table at dinner spread so boutifully with the luxur
ies of life. I thought now mabe my poor dear
husband & child are in want of even the nessarys of

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