December 19 [year unknown]

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Rabbit Creek, CA
 Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


19th Dec

Mr Haun –

There has been mules gone from here
since you left to Epson ville hence we have had no
chance of going as we could not go a lone on foot if
you can come over we will try & walk it as thy tell
me here there is chance for mules to get through I
am more than anxious to get home tell John if we
do not get home before Christmas eve he must come
over if he can possibly get here there is to be a
large ball here & I want him to come if he can
get here- do come & try & get us home if there is
any possible chance for it- if we canot go at all
you had better try & get here & we had better rent
a room & do our own cooking it would save enquir
es- I am in a great hurry as there is some men
just a going to start on foot to Nelson c & will
take this note I have not seen them but some
man told me at diner about their going over
& said if I would write a few lines
they would take it for me

[illegible] are well

M Haun

Do make hase & come you & John I want to see
you so bad

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