February 19 1855

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Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Sabula, IA
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


Feb the 19th 1855

My Sweet husband,

I received your 16th
letter of date 24 Dec this evening. I leave
WG Haun to morrow for Georgetown
I will get home on friday if nothing happens I
wrote to you last week & one to John a short
time a go in both of the letters I wrote to
you that I expected you home this spring
I also wrote you all the news that I
had worth writing. I write this merely
to set you at rest a bout what I have
said a bout your coming home. I do not
want you to break off from a good
business to come home before you
have made enough to get us a home
or as long as you want to stay I
want you to be the Judge of what is
best you must know I want to see
you & ought to know how to make
allowances for my writing ot you to come
I want you to do as suits your self a bout
it I agreed for you to go & of course I
do not want to hurry you back while you
are making money & want to stay I well
know your life is not a paradise that
is the great reason why I write as I do
it is because I think you have a hard time
& it makes me sorry but if you had
rather stay of course do so I want you
to be satisfied. & tell John he had better
content him self a while longer if he is
making money than to come back with out
it for the times are verry hard in Ky &
there are a good many people a breaking

Ben Finell for one I got a letter from home
saying that he was reported to be broke & had
sold som of his property now do not be
distressed or uneasy a bout me but do
the best you can to make money & do
just as you please & al will be wright
with me tell John to perserve a while
longer. I will see what I can do as
soon as I get home & if I can arrange
my affairs which I will certainly try
to do. I will come immediately out if I
do got this will be my last letter if not
I want you to be your own. Judge
when to come & not let any expressions
I may make in my letters to you hurry you
a gainst your will. Should you not
get a letter in a short time after you
get this you may know I am on my
way. you will excuse this short letter
it is late at knight & I have written it so
as to counteract what I said in the last
one I wrote you a bout coming home this
spring as you requested me not to insist
on your coming any more this spring I do
not want you to come under the circum
stances you have pesented I think you
would be wrong in do so decidely-
I am in good spirits when I hear you are
well & doing well so good by until
you see or hear from me a gain-
your devoted wife until death–
my purest love to my dear boy-

M Haun

PS Suppose I will start for cal in April or
the first of May I just had a chat with billy & he says start

the first of May on account of the equentional gales & he says that si the best
month to be at sea be encourages me to go says I ought to go

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