February 2 1853

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]

[upside down]
I send you the minutes of our state meeting &
the herald but is in here & says tell you & John
howdy for her. Clark is married to some girl in

Georgetown Feb the 2d 1853

My Dear husband–

It was one year
yesterday morning– Since I bade you a dieue
& saw you depart for Calafornia- it was a
verry different day from the one you started
on- you know there was a little day will ever
be remembered by me- now the weather
is beautiful & has been for ten days past
the days are more like the last of March than
the first of Feb- I am well & harty & you
never saw any thing grow like lizze & she
is growing handsome she will make a beauti
ful woman she is so much admired I fear
it will spoil her. She is sprightly & interesting
far more so than girls of her age Generally are
the negroes are well & doing well. Kit is as
fat as she can be a gain- her child is walking
bits child Nat is beginning to walk- he has never
been sick in his life & is decidely the finest child
of his age she has ever had- Jim grows faster
than he ever did- him & Nelson grows verry
fast- but I dont see that Wash grows any. Jim
is more than a head taller than Wash—
I do cincerely hope this may find you & my
& my darling child in the enjoyment of
good health & good spirits & doing well
we had some shooting here last week on
the street between Jimmy Robinson & Dl
Hines a young man that had been explled
from the Ky Military Institute his pare
nts live in Bordstown. They fell out a
bout Ellen Finnell some verry trivial affair
Jimmy Robinson had been cutting round Ellen
for some time Just as bert Johnson did
with betty Holtzclaw– & when Hines come
he cut a round drunk nearly all the time & would
take E out a riding & go in det for his buggy
that was what Jimmy would not do go out riding
with her so it was Hines got drunk & doged Jimmy
all day for a fight & later in the evening Hines
put his hand in his pocet to get his pistol &
found he had none but in his attempt to shoot
Jimmy fired at him twice one vall graised
the skin barely while the other entered the
boddy- he was taken into Dr Barlows office
with the blood streaming though his vest &
it was the impression of all he would die imme
diately they telegraphed forth with to his farther
Drs Sutton & Barlow succeeded in Stoping the
blood though they could not find the ball
the next morning they succeeded in finding it &
he is now out of danger- Jimmy was tried & cleard
no one blamed him for it he tried to avoid Hines
all day- H was berry drunk & jimmy cared
nothing a bout E- Hines sent for Ellen
directly after he was shot she went down &
cried a bout him a while next morning he
sent for her a gain- & was moved up there
he is yet there- it has been a verry redicoulous
affair all to gather— tell John Frank Rankin
had a long talk with me yesterday evening on
my steps he says if he could get the money to
take him out there he would start to morrow
morning- he said he tried to get money to go
with you all out there- but could not do it
he says he may stay here until he dies with
old age & never have any thing- he says he is de
termined to leave her– tell John to perservere
every boddy says he has taken a wise course
I send you in this a paper of Clints West
you will understand it it is something a bout
that matter of HPs– oh how often do I think
of you I never go to church but I think of you all
the time. I almost fancy sometimes I see that black
head of yours sitting over there where you always
set- but one year of the time is gone & I begin to
brighten up with the hope of seeing you a gain I have
not have you come back after you & I have both
suffered so much now until you get something
to come with or feel well assured you never can
make any thing there- but do not be easily dis
couraged- every boddy seems to with you success
RE West says you must come back & settle here
near the church she says the church does not want
to let you go a way to settle any where else you
seem to have a great many friends here & I do
believe you have- the course you persued for
a year before you left endeared you to the most
respectable portion of the community her verry
much & I do hope you will get able to come back
& settle our selves here comfortably & enjoy our
selves in our church & with our friends hope on
pope ever- the time will soon pass off–
I am doing the verry best I can & I think I am
doing pretty well considering you know I have
no dependance but Sam- the boys are two
small to hire for much & the woman are
having children so fast that they are of but
little use for any thing else. I am now situated
so I can save & do much better than I could
boarding- it would not do at all to board &
let the negroes live as they was when you left
I saw I would have heavy Dr bille to pay for
the children & more than likely loose some of them
unless I took them under my own care. it will
not do to let negroes manage for them selves they
will do no good for themselves or any one else- I
will want two hundred dls & then I can do
I think until you get back- please send me that
much write to me as often as you can for it is
the greatest pleasure I have to get a letter from
either of you- farewell my deares while I remain
your loving wife M Haun-

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