February 24 1853

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Georgetown Feb 24th 1853

My own Dear Husband,

I received your &
my dear boys letter this evening & what a
pleasure to read those lines braced by your
dear hands.. I am well at present & all of our
family & doing as well as we could expect
Sam is breaking himp & betty & the children
are doing well. Kitty is doing well & seem
satisfied with her home. Wish is with me
yet Pratt does not charge me any thing for
his board I found it would be a hard matter
for me to get wood & water if I had to depend
on there negroes. So I concluded to keep him
with me until after bettys confinement & hire
him out to take Jim if I stay in town but
I donot think I shal stay much in town this
summer, lizze is also with me. I could not
part from her two. Mr Moore told me to
keep her a while until I felt like I could
give her up. I think her & me will both
go to the country & spend the most of our
time after bet gets a bout. my friends
are verry kind to me. they come to see me Mrs
Johnson has been several times & Bled & his
wife Bled says he will come for any time &
take me out to his Mothers Mr Nutter & Well

for you here I cannot begin to name the person that
send their love to you there has been at least a hundred

[upside down]
for it now done any one any good but a great
deal of harm til him I read his letter & kissed it
& water it with my tears. I will pray for him
& you & pray & hope that we will meet again–
there seems to be so much interest manifested

was in court day. Will was married last thurs
day to Mary F Houston daughter of Steve she is
a bout sixteen & verry pretty so say the people
I have not seen her nor did I know he was married
until he told me when he was here- he broug
ht the buggy at ninety nine dollars on four
months credit. Rose come to see me two or
three times a bout the selling of it & discour
aged me verry much a bout getting much
for it. I rather suspected him for wanting
it for some one, & I told him I would not
take less tan a hundred for it I got George
Toppas & Mr Moore to have it bid up to that
& it came in one dollar of it. Jim Nutter
or Will would have got it for fifty if they
could, Pratt thinks it was well sold with
out any harness– I have paid Newbold
I have not collected any money yet—
Sam Thompson has got back from MO
he makes out that after examining the Pen
a tenteary he would not have it this is
what I have heard I have not seen him since
he got back he does not get it, – Bled
told me a trick he payed on General
Johnson to get money to take him out to
Mo. he went to Johnson & told him he
had a fine lot of hemp & if he would
advance him two hundred dollars that he mig
ht have hemp enough to satisfy him for it
Johnson sent his over seer to look at the
hemp & he come back & said the hemp was
there but when they went to hall it it
was piled up on boxes & one thing or another
to make the house look pretty full when
there was scarcely a hundred dollars worth
there. Bled plauges the General a great
deal a bout Sam, so you see he is
Just where he started only with a little
worse name if possible– Bled says he
will make him pay me. I donot know
how it will be– Nat Saunders & Gabe
has got back & preparing to go to house
keeping fourth with on the Harman place
Mrs Saunders is staying with betty at
Owensborough they will settle there—
Clint is fixing up the old house & moving
to it— Ben Hall is selling out at cost
& is going to move to Covington– John
Lemon & Miss betty Jenkins is to be married
next thursday morning so says Mary Larue
we had a business meeting last saturday
but as usual not much done they tried
to do some thing with Ridsdale but they cou
ld not make him understand any thing he cried
& went on like a deranged man they had to
drop the case Harvey Graves then got up &
started a conversation he had had with Finnell
then Jeffy got up & puffed & believed a bout
his character being unimpeachable & he
defied any one to say ought a gainst his char
acter that he could & would prove as good
a one as any man, they have appointed a
committee of ten to wait on him &
Finnell- the other case of the child he
will plead guilty & ask forgiveness so
think some that have talked with him
a bout it. I assure you he is verry low
in the estimation of this community—
tell dear Dave I am thankful to him for his
mineature that liz & I kissed often & shed
our tears to gather over it. oh ti seemed to bring
him back to us a gain tell him I will cherish
it as a dear loved one while I live- my
dear I will not attempt to describe my feelings
since you have left it would be in vain for me
to attempt it. Suffice to say if you like out
there you & John well enough to make it you
home just let me know & oh how quick will
I go for this world is a blank with out you
I must & will live with you what time of
have to stay in this world- oh god how
dear you are to me god only knows
my pappness my life is self seems wraped
up in you & John & dear Dave I want to
be with all of you & at the same time our
servants is also verry near to me they are a
poor helpless dependant race & ours is so
kind to me that it would go hard with me
to part from them, but excercise your own Judge
ment & I will be governed by it you will I know
love write to me often, as for my dear dear child tell
him I will write him in a few days & say to him

keep up his spirits & not give way to melancholly let what will come

that says give my love to you & John farwell while
I remain your devoted wife

Martha Haun

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