January 16 1855

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 Sender: Elizabeth Moore
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: [her sister]
Recipient Location: [unknown]


January the 16th 1855

Dear Sister

I received your letter the 8th of this month I have
been writing Mr Moore to go to Gerogetown beforeI would write
to you he was their on yesterday & saw Betty she sayd they were
all well and doing well. he hired Kit to Mr Alexander chresnas
for sixty dollars & he was to clothe her and pay her taxes &
he thinks she has gone a verry good place if she will behave
herself very well since you left. I did not know that you
had gone for two weeks. after Sam brought your
note out but I was gone to church & did not see him. Kit lives
in about 2 miles of here at Charles Bufords old farm
you never said anything about hearing from Mr Haun & John in
your letter. I would like very much to hear from them. I have
been dreaming some good dreams about their cameing home this
winter I am in hopes they will come true. Satry I would be
very glad you & lizzy would come by Johns & see him if you
do not think it would be two expencive to you. I should
like very much to hear from him and know he is getting
along we have never heard a word from him since
you left here I was very glad to hear you & liz was enjoying
yourselves out there but have been a little uneasy for fear
of the colds, not agreeing with you both. I have not
been to Georgetown since you left & therefore cannot
tell you any news from there. I have not seen any of
our kin but hear from them occasionally they are
all well or was a few days ago. I have got very
sore eyes & can scarecly see to write to day at all
tell Ely & Bryan talks a heep about seeing her, & I
would like to see her and hear about her trip I immagine
sometimes I can almost see her galloping through the
woods on a horse for I know that would please her
better than almost anything else, write as soon as you
get this & let me know when you expect to come home
and how. I have nothing more to write at present.

I remain your affectionate Sister

Elizabeth C Moore

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