January 15 1854

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


Georgetown January 15th 1854–

My Dear Husband–

The last letter I received
from you was dated the 28th of Oct– I received
one from John last friday dated the 3rd of Dec–
I wrote a long letter to John the same day I receiv
ed his which was on the 13th of this month. I
also sent you some news papers– I wrote to
John last Sunday knight which makes two for
him in one week & week before last 2 wrote
you which is also in this month I wrote to you be
fore which makes two to you & two to John this
is the third one to you since I received your last
I wrote one to you of the sheets of paper two or three
months since. I would like to know if you ever got
it. I also wrote to John the same week I wrote that
to you- I wrote an other a week or two after that–
that Jeffy Shepard wanted me to write- & the wed
nesday before christmas I sent you an other by–
Emma Smith that was she married & left on that
morning for san francisco- write me whether
you have ever got them all or no–
Frank Powell was to see me this evening we had
a long talk a bout calafornia eh is going back this
spring with stock he says it takes a man some time
to get in the way of money & to understand if he says
he knows he could now make a fortune if he was there
mining he thinks you ought not to think of coming
a way yet he says you have been there a bout long
enough to begin to know how to get a long- I was
asking him what he thought a bout me going out there
& he says he would advise me to go for if I am there
you would me better contented to stay until you make
a plenty of farther he says I could be of great service
to you to make you more comfortable but
this I leave altogather to your own Judgement
if you want me to come out nothing shal pravent
my doing so- but if you think it would be best
to stay I will do that what ever you think best I
will do. I am doing verry well here I am com
fortably situated & am taking care of what we have
here I have written to you so often how I am
doing that I think it is unnessary to write a gain
this time- for fear you may not get the other
letters I will say that I ahve written to you for
two hundred dls that is all I will ask you for
while you are gone it cost me that to go to house
keeping I can now live cheaper than I would board
& take so much better care of the negroes–
far would it be from me to give you any
trouble or uneasiness on my account I pray
you have none for I do assure you I doing well
& I would not for any thin have you to hurry
home before you have got enough to do you
some good but my advice to you is while there
is any prospect to get what you went for not to
give up the ship but perserve & do not on
my account hurry home until you get ready I
know verry well that you have had every thing to
learn a bout the county & I will know that you
could not go there green hands as you were &
make a fortune in one year so I say & give
it a fair trial- & if you want me there you have
only to say so- or as I have ever done been ready
to do what ever you though was best- I still the
same. & you know it requires perserverance in any
thing to get a long- then my dear husband be
cheerful & contented to keep trying while there is
any hope as much as I would like to see you
I would rather you would stay an other year & come
back with something than to come now with nothing
& none but god knows how dear you are to me
I love you so much more than I though I could love
any body, we little know the stregth of our
love for any one until we are seperated from them
I can say of a truth with out you or the hope of
seeing you a gain I would not want to live–
I have thought often & wondered how women
that has lost their husbands could ever be cheer
ful & happy as some of them are– for let
me say to you my prescious husband & believe
me that I have loved you so long & lived with you
until your presence seems nessary almost to my exist
ance never having thought of
having to live with out you oh you have no
idea surely how dear your are to me if I ever
get by your side a gain nothing but death shal
ever take me from it nothing of a small
nature should ever troubl or vex me a gain
for I know I will be the happies being on earth
Just to be with you no odds in what circunstances
for I love you so much more than I do my self
you my darling your sweet pressence will be
suffiscient to make me happy the ballance of
my days oh nothing shal ever make me unhappy
a gain if I should be fortunate enough to get
with you & my child a gain for your & him are my
Idols & canot nor do I want to help it but not
with standing all this I now I have strength of mind
enough to bear the seperation if it is to be for our good
& I know it will be for if it does nothing else
it will make us satisfied when we get to
gather even in no better circumstances & you
know. I have so much hope that I can
& do load forward to the time with a good
degree of cherfulness then do the some & do not
come unitl you are perfectly satisfied- you know
I can bear any thing that is to profit my child &
you with fortitude- then let us agree to
sacrifice our feelings in this may as long as we
have undertaken it with fortitude I believe
we will be blest in it then let this cheer you
& stimulate you to preservere one year of the time
has gone & the time will soon pass off you
could spend three or four years here & not
think or see what you had done & as many there
in active business would count something you
will feel so much better satisfied when it is
over & you get home with something then you
would have done if you had of stayed here &
done nothing new if you make but little you
will be so much happier you will have a clear con
cience- I am doing as well as I know how–
I will now talk to you a bout other matters–
Mary Larue got a letter to day from his husband
& he said that charly osbourn had shot a man
out there & said charly had been tryed & cleared
I do hope you or John may never get into any
such difficulty I pray you try & avoid any such
thinks– Georgetown is pretty much as it was when
you left– as for the church it is getting in the same
way precisely- I wrote you on account of one protracted
meeting we have had since you left who Joined & all a
bout it- none of the other churches have had any big
meetings since you left- Badore Payrnes says tell you he
has not forgotten you- every body asks a bout you &
seems to feel a deep interest in you- I do believ you en
deared your self to the pious people of this place before you
left as much as any one ever did- I do long for the time to
come when you will get home & enjoy your self once more
for I know you have friends here with whom you could
enjoy your self so much- be patient & perseve & the
time will soon pass off– Lewis Offutt & Mrs Patter
sen marrys to knight– the Saunderes has bought a
place in sixteen miles of Lexington MO & a mile & half
of Bob Kens they are verry much pleased- the Holz
claws leave here in a few weeks for Paducah all of them
I will continue to write every wed here after to you or
John one- you may rest assured I will not fail to do so
every week until you get home a gain be it long or short I will
close for the present- write me often my sweet husband

farewell until next week when I will talk to you a gain your loving & devoted wife until
death- M Haun

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