January 6 1854

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA



January the 6th 1854

My own Dear Husband–

I commence
a letter to you– with verry little hopes you
will receive it– from  your last I preceiv you
do not get near all my letters– I sent one by
Emma Smith that was– she married a man
from San francisco by the name of Rings & left
the same day for that place the poor old
man took it verry hard you have no I
did what a satisfaction your last letter
was to me. I told some of the many inquoers
a bout you how you were doing & it flew
like lightning over the town the people seem
to take great interest in you at any rate they are
always inquoring after you– we are all well
I have written three or four letters to you
telling you all a bout my going to house keeping
& presume you have goten some one of them & it
is useless for me to write any thing more a
bout it– I have collected verry little
money since you left & you know I had
none & I found with the kind of negroes I
had women & children it would not do
for me to board & rent a house for them
it would bring me deeply in det in spits of
all I could do besides runing the risk of loor
ing some of them by not being taken care of
Kit will have another child this spring &
bet you know has always one or like for
one- Kits child is just one year old & as a
matter of course no one would give any thing
for her this year so I have to keep her at home
& try & make her do something– I have one day
boarder & intend to take more if I can get
them & make her & bet try to earn something
that way– I have hired out Jim for twenty
five dollars this year– I have not hired
wash yet he is such a tricky mean rascal
no one that knows him will have him I am
trying all the time to hire him I will get him
off after a while– it has cost me two hundred
dollars to go to house keeping & lay in my wood
& every thing two hundred covers all my exprce
& if you will send me that much I will not
ask you for another cent whil you are gone
for I know with an ever start I can keep so
unless some accident– remember I have a
helpless family of children to take careof & kit is
having children twice as fast as ever bet did & you
know I can get nothing for her to hire her out it
will make a fortune for some one a raising theer childre
for her & bet will stock the town in a few years
at this rate– So you see my dependence it is
a slim one the way I am situated but if you
can & will send me two hundred dollars I think
I will not have to ask you for any more—
please send it if you can as soon as you get
this– I do assure you I am trying to do the
verry best I can– I know I get all the
letters you write I can tell by the way you
write– Jane Graves is here a part of her time
with me & a part in Lexington with all of her
children a spending the winter they are all well
she send her love to you John & Dave wrote
a letter to you for Jef Shepards sake tell me
if you got it Isadore Burnse sends his best
respects to you & says tell him. I have not
nor ever will forget him I canot tell you
all that wishes to be remembered to you
but almost every boddy– poor old brother
Smith will have me read your letters to
him & seems to feel a deep interest in you
Tom Barkly has brought Frosts house &
gave six thousand dollars payable in four years
oh if I could only know to knight while
I am writing this rest now you are what a
pleasure it would be but eleven months
of the time has passed off & as long as you
have gone there for the purpose of making mon
ey & have gone through so many hardships try
& perservre until you get enough to settle us
well some where oh how hard the seperation
but if ever we are fortunate enough to meet a
gain nothing on this earth will ever seperate me
from you a gain I will follow you go where
you may. oh how I long to see you my own
to urge cannot express it but when I think of
you coming & having a plenty to situate us well &
all being to gather once more it makes me bear it
all being to gather once more it makes me bear it
& long for the time to pass off for I feel lonely
with out & ever will no difference how many
people I see- I have lried with you so long that
it seems almost nessary to my existance to have
you with me- I do pray God he will prosper
you & my dear boy & from it me once more in
this world to clasp you to my heart & feast
my eyes by looking at you & hear the sweet famil
liar tones of your voice I feel like good old
similan that then & not til then I could lay me
down & die– give my love to Dave & tell him to be
sure to come home with you when you come till John
to write to me, farewell my prescious husband
your devoted wife until death

M Haun

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