July 18 1853

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 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


Georgetown, July the 18th 1853

My Dear Son,

I received your letter of date
29 May this morning & als one from Dave date
2d of June. you cannot form any idea the pleasure
it gave me to hear of your good health & seeming good
spirits. I am truly sorry to hear of Saves bad health
but hope he will soon get well…I am at a loss
to know from your pas letter whether he is satisfied
or no. & you do not say whether you are making any
thing or no. or whether your uncle HP & Hath
is kind to you & your Pa. do not my son hesitate to tell
me every thing for you little know the anxiety of mind I
have about you. I would be willing to go any where on earth to
be with you. I want to go out there & help you to make
enough to buy us a place where we can all be together
Sam is verry anxious to go & I think I could go & take
him & we could all of us soon make enough to get us a
home where we want to consult your Pa a bout
this & write me immediately & if he is willing we will
start the last of Oct or first of Nov. I know I can stand
the trip.. Bled Harman & Louis West got back last
knight from Texas. Bled says he will move out this fall
Louis says he will send his children but will not go him
self they were at Mark Hournoys & say that he is doing well
& well satisfied they say he can sell his place for twelve thousand
dollars more than he gave. They were at old John Emisons also-
I wrote to your Pa three weeks a go to day & informed him
of the death of your Uncle James Hurst. he died the 22nd of June
the balance of the relations are all well. Lizze is at Mr Moores
at this time the negroes are all well & doing well the town
is a bout as it was when you left no matereal changes except
the weedings that I have told you of. Betty Holtzclaw staid
with me last knight. I told her what you said & she says
she is going to write to you. she says yes indeed she is a going
to stick to her promise tell Dave Heller was to see
me yesterday evening & I delivered his message he knows
how modest she is & of course he would not expect a reply–
oh I had liked to have forgot to tell you that Dick Wests
wife has a fine son. & but Moorland soon will have something
Mr Hunt & wife & children & Cass Blackburn all took dinner
here yesterday & stayed a few hours on their way to the
blue licks that is a fashionable pale this summer..
Tom otherwell will go south this fall he says he gone
sixteen dollars per acre for his land & it is on the
river & frist rate land. know if your Pa & you
would go there or Texas it would not take a great
deal of money to get us a good home. I want you
to tell me how long you expect to stay out there
& tell me what you are doing & how much you
are making you & your Pa both & tell me how
your Pa is satisfied & how you do a bout cloths
Johnny Johnson is in town he asked me a bout you
the other day & told me to give his respects to you
he says he is verry anxious to go out ther but
his mother is not willing. Ben Chambers
has come back from Texas he says he
cannot get any more for his labour there
than he can here the fact is he doesnot
want to labor any where. I think that is the
secret of the matter. Will Wood is wating on
Mary as usual people think they ought to marry
burt Johnson & ben was on a big spree a knight or
two ago they wanted to bet which was the drunkest
bert does nothing else hardly but spree he comes
in town every evening & carouses all knight & leaves
at day light in the morning sleeps all day & is
ready a gain for knight he has quit the church
long since & I think going to rain as fast as pos
sible Dave Sullivan stays out home with
him nearly all the time & gets drunk with him
in town. Dave fell out of one of the window
up stairs here. two weeks since & has not got
over it yet he was drunk & got up & went to the
window to vomit & pitched out head formost
on the pavement Just below the bar room-
he cut & bruised his head & face up was all the
hurt he got but he will doctor him self up
so it will not spoil his beauty so said Miss Hellen
Loffton is in town & I think bert will or is mak
ing a desperate effort to renew his old courtship
& trying his best to break off from betty H
he told me positively that he never intended
to marry bet but she has told me they would
marry, so I donot know how it is I believe know
he is trying to get clear of her but I donot believe
she will let him. I know she willnot if she can
help it but I think he is off when he talked to
me a bout her the way he did. I advised him to
marry her or quit going to see her so often & he is trying
to quit certain she has let him be two familiar
& not only him but any one else—–
this was court day here to day & I have never
seen. So many people in town in my life there is so
much excitement a bout the election there was ten
thousand dollars bit to day here ther was a coma
ny of whigs some from lexington with lots of mon
ey to bet with every democrat that would bet &
they got bets tot he amount I named. Iue Flour
noy & Wallace Keene bet largely. there has not
been so much excitement here for many years a
bout an election. they say there is more money bet
[illegible] was in Ky on an election a great
[illegible] whigs will vote for Brecinredge, Hrench
[illegible] & the Barlows that I know of will ote
for Brecinredge & you kno they are all whigs, my dear son
I must stop for I have nearly filled my sheet, & oh my darling
boy do not forget to love your mother & write me
often & tell me every thing for it is all the pleas
ure I have & it is all I can take any interst or
pleasure in is you & your dear farther & oh do
not deprive me of that by not writing to me give
my love to your Pa & tell him that it is the hope
of meeting a gain, a lone that keeps me up oh God
what would I want to live in the world for with out you
I would not want to live one [illegible] the world for with out you
you a gain for it is a lonely life without your Pa & you any
how give my love to Dave Jack & all of them, tell DAve I will write
to him soon, so farewell my darling boy your mother M Haun

I commenced this on the 18th it is now the 19th of July

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