July 8 [year unknown]

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 Sender: [her sister]
Sender Location: New Orleans, LA
Recipient: Martha Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]


July 5 930 Magazine Street

My Dear Sister

I have not yet discovered
a remedy for Procrastination but have to
regret the loss of valuable time, continuallly
the more as I grow older, you see from the
number at the head of this paper, that we
have changed our Residence, the room we
have now is far better than those we left
are more airy and pleasant, the Lady we rent
of is a young married woman and is very
agreeable, her and her husband has gone
to the country for a few days. Now wont you
be surprised to hear, that Mary was in
Saratoga the last we heard from her. She
sewed for a Lady who boarded at the Galt house
who took a great liking to mary. told her she
was going to travel, and asked Mary to go
with her, said she would pay all travelling
expences, and give her $1-50 per week extra
if she would go the Lady has a grad Daughter
goes with them. She has been a citizen of Louisville
for 40 years, and hardly knows how rich she
is, so sais persons that have known her, she is

Episcapalian. They indend visiting Niagra
falls, New york city, Long Branch, Point comfort
Mary saw Sis miller in Cincinnati
all was well they stopped at the Grand
Hotel, in cincinnati gets same attention as
the Lady herself, expect to be gone 3 months.
The weather has been excessively warm
though the mornings are cold
I received a letter yesterday from Mary Chalk
all well, expect to go to the sea shore
start to morrow are going to the camp-
ground, she wrote her school was out
she passed her examination with tromours
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