June 30 1841

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 Sender: Elizabeth Hurst
Sender Location: Near Lexington, KY
Recipient: Martha Haun
Recipient Location: Warrenton, MS

June the 30th 1841

Dear Sister. I must confess I have posponed writing to
you too long but it was owing to my being so busy
fixing for housekeeping that was the course of it I was
married the 3rd of this month and moved the 8th to my
new home. I suppose Henry has written to you all about
the wedding as he promised me he would the morning
after. Patsy thire was very few at the wedding. there was
Henry and his Sister Mr Bryans family Mr affectts and Mrs
Cassells and a few other strangers were all except the relations
like to forget to tell you how all was they are all well
so far as I now jincy and little John come home with me when
moved and staid a few days with me John got
very lonesome and said everything he could think of to
get to go home but could get no company to go home with
them and last John said to me one day aunt lizy came
not a going to stay here no longer to be starving
every sais I John I thought it was giving you every thing
that was good strawberrys raspberrys ripe apples and every
thing and now you are going to tell the mall I am sarving
you. no say he wont tell nobody i was sarving I
just got tired. I asked him what I must write to his
Ma and Pa for him and he said write to ana
and Pa I have come up here and raised biger cavn
ttian grandma or uncle Jimmy he has his cord
in the garden and plows it every satterdgy he makes Nat
peell the plow and he holds it & that the way he plows
Patsy Brother james was here yesterday and told me Sister
Lydia and Perry was in from the missoury at Mothers and
had been there since last Thursday I have not seen them
yet nor am i in a hurry to see them as i expect they have
come to make another disturbence in the settlement James
Nutter told Mr Moore last satterday that he had tore
up the first settlement and was going to make Brother
Jimmy make another that he had not settled for
by wone hundred dollars a piece. I have not seen Jim
Nutter since i was married nor do i want to see him
he was not at the wedding atall but if ever i do see
him i well tell him i want none of this news or
his company about me atall i see he is about doing
with me as he did with you after you married Patsy
i have never been to see any of them since i was married
nor do i ever expect to go oftern i have been to Mathews
every week and i intend to do soo as long as she lives and
i live near her she looks so disolate and lonely when
i go there no person there but her and jincy. that
is makes my heart ache to look at her she
take a long every time i go about her situation
and none of her children with her. she says you must
came and stay with her Patsy as long as she lives as you
are all the child that can come to live with her and
she will do every thing she can for you. Patsy do come
up and stay this summer if you cant stay no longer be sertain
to come. I got a letter from John yesterday they were all
well and Bud can begin to walk a little. Sally Ann
Wallace has got a fine Daughter i am told but have not
seen it yet Martha says it is exactly like Dick Patsy Drake
was married the next sunday morning after i was to Miss
Rebecca Cromwell Daughter of Mr Vincent Cranswell
and has bin to see me and staid all night. I must
come to a close as Mr Moore is in a hurry to start to town
Patsy i feel like i could write a day longer if i had time
but must close give my love to Mr Haun and tell
him i would like very much to see him and he must
come and see me and my old Bachelor as soon as he
can at home and see how we look now and tell
Bet i reckon he can marry now as i am married so
good by

Elizabeth C Hurst Martha Haun

PS Mother and jincy send there love to you
all. Jincy says you must give her best respects
to Mrs Bedford and family also to Mrs Selby
and family

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