June 9 1853

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


June the 9th 1853

My own Dear Son-

How often in my imag
ination do I see your loved form & features
hear the sweet tones of your voice, it seems that
I can hear you say ma, so plain at times &
then to think that you are so far from me & the
fear & dread that I may never see you again on
earth seems to pierce my very solle, but I
will not nor do not indulge nor give way to these
feelings no more than I can help for if I did
I would go deranged or die. I keep in company
all I can to keep from steedying or indulging
in melancholly. it is the only way I can get a
long “every one is kind to me & I see a good deal of
company” my health is better than is was when
you left, or for two months after, my health
was bad after you left, & I fell off until I
was quite poor. but ever since I received you
pas letter informing me of your safe arrival
I have been fatning up again & am quite cheerful
but oh the uneasiness I suffered until I heard you
had arrived safely, but I have tried these
many years to harm to look on the bright side
of the picture my sense & better Judgement tea
ching me that is no advantage in any way

[upside down]
in a situation to live comfortable & your energy & enter
prise will give you a standing in this community with the
very best– give my love to all of them that are kind
to you & to your dear pa be kind to him & give him my
my love, do write you and him) farewell my darling,
your devoted mother until death M Haun

derived from being always in trouble under any
circumstances, & when I think that our abject
is a good one, & that we all believed it to be for
the best, I try to be satisfied, & if i could only
know that you & your pa was happy & satisfied
I could stand any thing but I fear that you
are unhappy or disappointed or sick or some
thing else, oh my dear son if we can all be sp
ared to meet again & be able to get us a home that
we can make a living on. I think I will be the hap
piest being on earth, & do you & your pa make it
your object to get money enough to buy a farm of
two hundred acres & come home as quick as possible
just think how happy & independant we could
be places in that situation. I do try to prserve
my health so that I will not look so old & broken
that you will not know me, & tell your pa not
to listen or be swayed by the opinions of others for
it has never done him any good but a great deal of
harm & you & him consult each other & lay your
own plans & do not be persuaded against your vice
but have an object in view to accomplish & make every
effort to do it, & I now of nothing that would be
so much honor to you or more satisfaction than to
come back here able to by a farm, — Mary
chambers didnot get further than Neworleans she
is now at home & there is some talk of hor & Will
Wood marrying. I got a letter from Minerva last
much she is well & sends her love to you. She is going
to the worlds fair this sumer I was at Sam Thompsons
last friday & Sand told me to give you her best
love Sam says he is certain to go to Mo this fall
& Ben Finnell is going to leave this fall to Nash
ville or Memphis I do not know which Newport
went home two months a go to come back in
two or three weeks to marry Ellen & that is the
last of him. Ellen is not verry propelar with
old or young she has no attention from the
boys at all, Johny Johnson is here  has been for
some weeks. I was at Frankfort last week & heard that
he was dismissed he kept it very secret he is not
he was dismissed he kept it very secret he is not
going back any more General Pratt took his wife
my self & Mrs Holtzclaw & lizze down on a pleasure
trip– nat Saunders starts to Mo in a few days to
look for a place & mooreland I believe goes also, —
Weeb Boss will not give him a deed to day of the place
unless he prays for it & he has not got ay money
to do that, if Mrs Saunders Nat & betty lives
a few years they will be as poor as any obdy for there
is none of making any thing & they are all very extr
aragant theya re bound to come to poverty, —
Bat Thompsons wife is not expected to live–
there is a talk of Gasner & Sarah Chambers marrying
Georgetown is duller than you ever saw it I think
it has gone by the board I was at Mrs Smars yester
day Mrs Johnson & Bledwife come by & took me in
the carrier Mrs Smar is in verry bad health Mrs
Johnson took me last week to spend the day with MRs
Patterson, I ride a leout more than I ever did in
my life, first one & then another comes for me so I am
half my time or more gone every one is kind to me
& every thing done to make me happy by
my friends & I am
with the exception of being so far from you & your
pa oh how could I be intirely happy when I think
of the distance that is between us & oh how often does
the thought cross my mind that may be you are
suffering either in body or mind & oh god how
miserable I feel_ my son.. write to me & do not
disguise any thing but let me know your exact sit
uation..I have looking for a letter better than two
weeks & none yet your pa said you would write in
two weeks after he started his letter.. you do not
know what a comfort your pas letter was to me
letting me know you had got safe there..–
your uncle Moore has torn down all of his house
but one room & is building..the kin are all well
poor Gus Barley is dead— Dan Renion made
an attempt to run off with Sally Blackburn last
week but her father Dr Churchhill Blackburn
caught her & keeps her locked up ever since–
letty Holtzclaw has gone over to Madison to see
Eli & Tom that are in Jail there–Mrs Holtzclaw told
me to day that that they had heard where Henry
was & had gone on the brunt of him to bring him to
justice the family is in great trouble about them
now my sweet child I must close this letter
I cannot write all the names of persons that says give
my love to John & Mr Haun when you write but just
now that is every one, you have no idea how mnay
seemes to feel an interest in your wellfare & let me tell
you if you can only come back with a few thousand dollars
it will place us at once I on & full level with the very best
my associates are of the best & they appear to think a great deal of
me take care of your self my son & remember the time
will soon pass of & if you are successful it will place you

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