March 15 1853

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 Sender: W. G. Haun
Sender Location: Elk River, ID
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Marysville, CA


                    Elk River March 15 / 53

My Dear Jim

I am in receipt of yours from Georgetown
enclosing your out with the Estate of E.M. Haun which I
suppose is all O.K. I regret that you did not settle the
draft for 500 dollars before you left. I am in rather
a tight place with regard to this transition Jaml-
Millikin has a mortgage to secure the money I got of
him  including the debt owe from you to Mary
The holders of the draft sued me last fall and now
have judgement against me for the amount I
have been begging off for some time being in
hopes that you would be able to pay me. I have
no other alternative than to pay the debt when
property sacrificed the holders will wait no
longer than the 1st of may next which is a
hard case in connexion with my other business
and heavy lapses which seem to await me after
having been to the expense of at least 1000 dollars
in the building of the walls for my flour mill
in consequence of the foundation giving
way under one of the walls I am compelled
to tear the whole of it down and make
an other foundation and intirely change
the building from a brick to a frame besides
old debts and presant engagements You see
that I cannot do without it and shall expect you to
remit it as soon as possible
I will leave in a few days for the East for my
spring stock of goods my bills are coming
due for those bought last fall and must be
met We are making money but not as fast
as it is needed and to pay odl debts. Every man
is crowding that W.G. Haun &c owe a dollar to
that is due

Sanford has just returned from california
with about 20 dollars this however is a guess but
it is certain he has but little after loosing a years
time and 3 or 400 dollars of an out lay.

Without some great drawback I will get the Grist Mill
finished this summer and think will have a good
one at a cost of about 9000 dollars which would at
this time be good paying property. [Hlour?] is 425/100 doll
pr bll and hard to get at that all kind of property
is high. I sold to day the smallest pair of 4 year
old steers in a lot of nearly 100 for 70 dollars and
can get 3cts pr lb for all that I have line weight
at home. Lana is increasing 100 pr ct pr anum at
beast for the last year This county is the Banner
county in Iowa having entired 64,000 acres of
land last year which is more than any other in
the stock and presence at least as much more
will be taken this year I would not be surprised
to know that one hundred thousand acres was taken
this year. I may return through Ky from the
East for the purpose of getting some fine cattle
I sold my bull a cow and calf for 300 dolls
a few days since and intend to raise some
more of the same kind common prairie
cows are worth 30 dollars Park 10 cts (miss) and
every thing else in proportion

Manny had a Boy on 23rd jany and I am
on about 7 weeks before that time several women
in this section have had from one to Mrs Bays
and one Sal two without marrying at all
so you see the country is improving in every
way. If I can keep soul and Body togather
a year or two longer the increase in value of
Real Estate will make me all I want but it is
a hard row to hoe $500 in california is not
much and here it is a file so remember it and
send me a draft for the amt it may be [torn]
point with me

Your Brother
W. G. Haun

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