May 24 1853

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


Georgetown, May the 24th 1853

My Dear Husband,

I had gone to bed but
not to sleep, your image & my Dear boys
was haunting my memry so much I could
not sleep which is often the case. I lay &
listened at Tom Pullens mocking bird sing &
thought of your until eleven o clock when
I pound I could not sleep so I lit the candle
& commenced this letter. I received your
most welcome letter two weeks a go yesterday
I slept none the knight I received it Joy &
sorrow by turns keeping my mind busy.-
oh God how hard it is to be seperated so far
but I do try to hear it the best I can hoping
it is for the best. Some times I am cheerful
& sometimes sad. there is a fear sometimes
comes over my mind that something may happen
that we will not all meet a gain & when I
feel that way then I am miserable & a gain
I am full of hope & anticipate a happy meeting
but let us try & look on the bright side, if
I could only know that you were both well all the
time I some times fear that you are such & have
no one to wait on you or may be suffering for
the comforts of life. but I try not to think so for
it makes me so unhappy I stopt for the knight
thursday knight. I went to Lexingotn yesterday
evening & got back this. I H Haun and family
are well. Mary had twin daughters not long
since but they were dead born…I was at Mr
Moores all last week liz thinks her health is
better. M G Haun has been to New York
& come by & staid two or three days with me
& wanted me to go home with him he said
he come expressly for me to go with him-
but unless I could have staid all summer it
would have been two expensive & I was a fraid
to do that on account of the chills & a gain I
felt like it would not be wright for me to
leave the negroes some of the children might
get sick & no one to see to them.- lizze garth
& steve Burbridge was married last thursday
they had the bigest sort of a wedding—-
I have not been able to collect any money
since you left.. I gave Bat some notes to collect
but his wifes health has been so bad he could
not leave her she is better & he will go next week
he was elected constable a few weeks since
Dickerson says he thinks it is a bad chance to
get any thing where he is a bad chance to
get any thing where he is concerned with notes
I get a long verry well here Pratt & his wife are
verry kind to me. I have no reason to complain
of any thing but I do get verry wrestless some
times & think if I was keeping house I would
feel better satisfied to have the little negroes
with me. though they are doing verry well
Sam & bet are industrious & try to do the
best they can so far they deserve a great
deal of credit.- they show that they have
a good priciple & are not eye servants.-
bets baby is the finest boy she has ever
had.. kit & her child is doing well I
have not been able to hire out Wash yet
to advantage I am trying to hire him in
Lexington to a travern I not know whether
I will succeed or no.. I have kept Lizze
with me & am sending her to school to Mr
Hard on session. it will be out in June &
then I do not know what is to be done with
her I have written & sister lize has written but
get no answer. poor child I do not know
what is to become of her it seems like
killing her to part her from me & if I go to
California I shal take her with me–
brother James told me that he saw Miss Barton
that come right from his neighborhood a few
weeks since & by hard beging he got her to tell
him a bout John she would not say any thing
until he persueded her a long time. she then
said he had the worst sore eyes she ever saw
& had the chills & in fact was doing no good his
health was verry bad & he was drinking verry
badly with all. I expect to hear of his death
in fact I had rather hear of his death than to
hear what I have. I have kept it all from the
poor child. She often asks & wonders why
she dont get a letter from her pa but I put
her off some how. She has written so often &
got no answer. Lizze is growing & improving as
fast as any child you ever saw. the school had
a picnic party last friday & she had to make a
speech & crown the queene. She was more prais
ed for the way she performed them any thing you
ever saw in fact she is verry much admired
& praised for her smartness. ladys have told me
that Mr Hand says she is the smartest scho
llar he has in school when I look at her
& think she must be kept back on account of
means to give her a chance it makes me sorry
for if she had a chance she would do well for
her self.- & if I had any thing in my power I
would never give her to any one until she mar
ries I never will if I can possibly avoid it as soon
as the school is out we will go to the
country & stay until fall or Winter.—
I got a letter from Minerva Foot to day she is not married
yet, every thing is moving a long a bout as it was when
you left.- Elie & Tom Holtzclaw was taken up in
MO last week & taken back to Madison Indiana &
lodged in Jail to wait their trial in Sept next they
was taken back in irons there is no chance for to get
baile, the family is greatly destressed a bout them the
poor old people is truly to be pitied.—
my own dear husband take care of your health & of
my dear boy if it was not for the hope of seeing you
a gain I could not live, oh this world is a perfect blank
with out you, write to me often & give my love to all of
them & oh my precious child tell him not to forget me but
not to be melancholly, farwell farwell my

dear husband let us get to gather a gain soon as we can some where

[upside down]
your devoted wife Martha Haun

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