October 25 1854

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 Sender: Lizzie Hurst Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


George Town Oct 25

Dear Uncle

I have not written
to you for several weeks so I thought
I would do it now. I have prepared
all of my lessons for the afternoon
and I thought I would take this half
hour to write to you and Cousin
Aunty recieved a letter from you
not long since (perhaps last week)
she answered it that night and I
put a little scribbling in it just
to be communicating to you. We
have never received a letter from
Pa since he left here last
fall. I wrote him a letter a few
weeks ago & I am in hopes he
will answer it I am still
going to school to Mr Hand
I heard that Martha
Lowards was to be married to night
but I cant tell how true it is
“Oh Uncle you cant imagine
how much I want to see you and
John I long for the time to come
I would like to hear in the
next letter that you intend
to come home in the spring for
I know you cant come home
this fall or winter Please write
to us in the next letter that
you are coming in the spring
(that is if you can) Our town
is very dull so I have nothing
to write that would interest you
I must bring my short letter to
a close. Give my best love to
John and tell him I think he
might answer my letters I
remain your affectionate daughter

write soon

Lizzie Hurst

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