September 4 1855

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 Letter 1:
Sender: D.L. Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Letters 1 & 2:
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA
Letter 2:
Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY

Georgetown Sept 4th 1855

Dear Brother

I received a letter
from Henry explictory of a chick
enclosed just two weeks ago. Since
that time I have traveled from
Iowa to this place. I have been
here a week, but expect to go to
Bracker where I left my trunk
last spring. I shall in all prash-
ability leave New York for Cal-
then in the first ship that leaves
in October next, provided sister
Patty comes with me which she
says is a fixed fact. I shall
be there sooner if the should
in any possible manner be pre
vented from going– a circumstance
which I hardly think can occur.
I further think we shall come
by way of Panama, as I think it
is much the safest way. At
the same time I shall have a
eye to cheapness. hoping very
soon to see you I shall say no
more at present.
Your Bro-

D.L. Haun

P.S. my Dear husband &
son I will if life is spared
to us all see you by the last
of oct. I received your letter
on thursday last written in July
asking me to come & stay one
or two years you are doing
so well there I had rather go
to you than for you to quit
to come to me & I had rather
die than try to live with out
you longer. I am in fine
spirits & feel that I can
stand any thing but to be
seperated longer from you I
know I will be the happiest
mortal on earth if I live to
get there & find you both
well you must both of
you meet us in Marys Vill
for I want you to conduct
me over them mountains to
your ealier how happy we
will be give your self no trouble
to prepare for me me for I will
be just as happy to meet you in
your cabin as I would to meet
you in a palace I know I will
enjoy this life. lizzie is
coming with me she wont stay
I will tell you every thing when
I see you. So look out for us
we will have a nice time together
all of us Dane loggli John you
& my self good bye your devoted
wife        M Haun

grandma & Dave telling of
their intended trips to Calif.

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