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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
 Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


mind to hear it with all the fortitude I possibly
can another year. you must then come home or send
word for me to come- Mr Moore says when ever
you write to me to go out that you intend staying
there & I want me to come- then he will do any thing
in his power to get me off & will assist me to
go any way he can but he says I ought not to
think of going unless you wrote possitively for me
to do so.. I am willing to do what you think is
for the best.. Dave lost his trunk at Louisville
I didnot get it until last monday he was ex
pected to get it— I wrote you in a previous
letter that Louis offutt & the widow Patterson was
married old Henry [P?]rewett is married to a Mrs
Walker of Louisville, he is her third husband- she is
fifty four years of age & has four children all grown
but one boy twelve years old he is with them, she
is a verry nice woman- Lou Chambers is anxious
to go to Calafornia she says she will go if ever
she gets money enough to take her— Tom Hattzclaw
has just left he come in to see if I would board him
a fw days until they get ready to leave they are in
a bad fix old Henry has left them the bag to hold
that is get a way the best way they can the poor old
woman is nearly crazy- the church is in a
verry luke warm condition at present no one prea
ching for us but old brother Smith– the old man
will make me read all your letters to him
he says you write so satisfactory loves to
hear them read he always send his love to
you– Dave tells me John has grown a
great deal- tell the little scamp he must not
grow & change so much I wont know him
when he gets back- I want him to look like
my own prescious boy when he comes. you
may well know I asked Dave a few questions
a bout you– now let me say to you for
my sake do not come a cross the plaines when you
start for home- but please come the quickist way
& on other thing do not take me by surprise for
it would over come me too much it would be
two much for my nerves but let me know
when you are coming & when you get to cincin
natti or Louisville telegraph me– please com
ply with this request let me get a letter two
weeks at least before you come- Mrs Weeb is
pestiring me all the time she just sent word
to know if I was going to perfume my letter &
what with she said she had just sent her husba
nd one & perfued it. he is in the South. I must
stop this nonsense- & bid you good by for this time
my own prescious [Powells?], oh how I would like
to send you a kiss- my life my love my all fare
well tell my boy I will write him by the next
mail write me often your devoted wife until I cease to exist

    M Haun–

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