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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA

but notwith standing all this- I would not
have you come home- until you are are convinced
you can do nothing there- for you I know have
under gone so many privations & hardships, that
I want you now to stay until you make some
thing- & if you want me or think it would be
best for me to go- all you have to do is say so
you know I have ever been willing to do what ever
you thought was for the best—– my prescious
child advised me in his last letter to stay where
I was- oh how my heart ached to read that dear
letter & hear a boy of ninteen reason & talk like a
man of forty that had gone through trials & diffi
cultys- oh how proud I feel of him & yet how
sorry to know in his tender years he must be de
prived of Society & all the indearments o home–
but I do hope it will not crush his spirits but
he a profit to him in the end- oh Pa be
kind & tender to him for my sake as well as
his own- for we have as much reason to love
& be proud of our child as any one I ever
saw– John says you have just got in to
the ways of the country- that you were verry
green at first- which I expected you would be
you must write to me often & when ever you
start home- come the quickest way & do not
think of coming by land- though you are the
best Judge of that– I send you a ticket gotten
up as a burlesque on the trustees–
do tell me in you next how Dave is
& what he is doing & Jack how is as
for NP I care nothing a bout for I think
he is an ungratiful being as ever god made
I do not want John to be a bout him or
be in his power any way whatever–
I wish I could send you a kiss but I canot
write me what your prospect are & all a
bout your prescious self every way–
I would not take any a mount for your
letters. I preserve them carefully
Jane is in Lexington she told me to give her
verry bet love to you & John–tell my
baby to write to me- I am determined
to write every week- from this time on &
may be you will get some of them- I
must say good by for the present–
while I remain your loving wife–

Martha Haun

PS Jef Polk is married to Julia Herndon
Lizzie sends a letter to John with this

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