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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Nelson Creek, CA


life & oh that thought made my heart ache
my dear husband I want you to write me as soon
as you can & tell me what you think of doing &
now let me say to you do not become two easily dis
couraged. you have gone a long way to try to make
preparations for us to settle down in a way
that we can enjoy each others society & pass our
old days if God give them to us happy & com
fortable, with out days & knights being passed
in anxiety & dread of not being able to make a
living oh god what pelasure it would be to
me to be able to get us a good little farm
& there se down to gether news no news to last
until death parts us for a little while, for if we
are faithful we will meet in heaven, my hus
band the one I left all for to live with & the one
that I have spent so many happy hours with as
well as troubled ones we have buffeted the storm
of life to gether for a long time we have suffered
together & been happy together & now let us write
often to each other & consul what is best to do we
have consented to part for a time believing it
would be for the best & let us try & not loose
sight of our object but beer up our spirits as
good as we can & not put our hands to the plough
& look back but put our trust in god & perse
vere & we will come of conquers & recollect
that you have only to tell me what to do & I am
ready to obey- if you think by staying two or
three years you would be able to by you a farm
here or in any of the States I think I would
prefer it to going there but if it is your wish
& Johns for me to go out there I am willing
you will let me know what you think a bout
it when you fin

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