April 12 1864

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


April 12th 1864 Tuesday

Dear Friend

I this morning have taken my pen up to write

again and sincerally hope I may proceed with out
interuption, Yesterday just as I had colected my writing
materials Will Lroyman drove up with some of our
relations from Mo a Mr Jackson they spent the day
consequently my letter had to be postponed as on several
occasions before. We have nothing new, on hand to relate
in the way of news, excepting Billie F__ & Gabbie H__ are
to be married on to day week, are going to spend a
few days in Cincinnati. Mrs F__ intends giveing them
a little entertainment when they return They contemplate
boarding with her I suppose as Pa has been fiting
up a room there. Billie Page was up yesterday and
told me, Gabbie wished him to remain to attend the
wedding, but business prevented The Reformers are holding
a protracted meeting conducted by Card have had
some LD addictions The Baptist comenced their Spring
campaign on Sunday last Oour meetin close on Sunday
night after a continnation of five weeks. A great many
members of our church, went up to MRs Moodys to sit till
bed time with the preachers, before they left us She
for me. I had quite a nice escort in the person
a very interesting Young Minester I never laughed as
much in all my life. I told him I had often heard
it said that Methodist preachers could tell the
hardest yarns gotten up, but never knew the corectnes
of the statement before. barnie S & Jennie Winter are
to be married next week also. But from marriges to
death Old Man Hall is dead rumor says he left MRs
Webb but four thousand dollars his residence to Mrs Adam
his niece, her Son 2.5$thousand he has mad a great
many divisions of his wealth. He died as he lived
conserning himself with his worldly matters manulius
Johnson is also dead. Jessie Mcconnell & Tom Martin
spent sunday week with me, Jessie expects to start
for California the latter part of this month, he
is coming to bid me good by, he says as I wont go
with him, He says he thinks I might as well go
with one person as another. but as it is best to say
some, and leave som I will not give you my
reply. I was thinking if We should ever meet
again, and you should hall out some of my last
two or three letters on me I should take with
a sudden leaveing or blush considerably. But your
good heart, in consideration of modistey would spare
me I hope. Mike Barlow arrived here on furlow
to have his eye operated on has a caterract growing
on it. Several prisnors were brought in this morning
some of the Bagers boys Jimmie Cantrill, not Neps
brother but cousin becomeing tried of Can tried to
make their way through but failed Johnnie S just
flies around as he pleases Eaf is in Dixy went round
by water and is now with General John H Margan
But to tell you of a corespondence I am carrying
on I received a letter from Rock Island from
a Mr John H Collins requesting a corespondence
I never heard tell of him before, he is a Miss I consented
provided he would not critesize his letters are very
well worded and prettily written, and any thing
for a novelty I wrote asking by what means he got
posession of my address. And your Friend is married,
well such is life, war although full of its horrors has
not complete sway over all, You tell me you have
been in Prison eight months, and Camp Chase at
that the name seems to be expressive of horror and
suffering Would that it was in my power to assist
you, but such being not the case can only give
you my warmest Sympathy which is but poor
comfort but it is pleasent to think, although
Prison doors are shut upon us that shall there
are some Friends that are ever mindfull
of us. It seems as though peace will never be restored
For You Rebles are about to be as impertent
and troublesome here as when all You Boys
left us Sallie Dourigherity has been up visiting but has
now gone home. It is now striking twelve I wonder what
you are driveing at a good dinner. I guess not, but
you can appreciate good liveing more when you
are released if such ever be the case. I wish you
were here to come up and sit with me till bed
time I have been going to meting so much that
I shall be lost, and then I have got so much
to tell you about that has happened since you
left. I often think of the evenings we have spent together
in times that are past and gone you say that I would
not know you I think you are mistaken I should be
very sure to know you. I guess you are sporting a suit of
whiskers as shaveing is not always convenient especially
in Prison The Sun first shines, and then it rains, it
is a true april day, so much like my thoughts,
sometimes all sunshine as it were and then
all gloomy and dark, it seems as midnight. But
I should not write of gloomy thoughts to you, but
rather try and cheer you for you I suppose have
your share of them

But I must close, paper being exausted

I sincerally hope we may have the pleasure of seeing
you in Georgetown before long

Write soon Your friend
Mollie C Burns

–as ever

[upside down]
I send you as much of that artickle
you sent me as you desire, how much
is that

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