April 16 1865

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Portland, KY


Sunday night
Georgetown, April 16th 65

My Dearest Friend Mary
I received your letter of the
11th yesterday evening. I hardly know how to answer it
in every respect but will do it as satisfactorily as I can
before I retire. I was in town today & called at your house
but found no one at home but your ma. I sat down
& had a very pleasant chat with her for about half an
hour when Julia Came in & we went to Fannies
& found Dora there Mrs Laybor & Mr & Ms Lemon
& did not leave until the bells rung for supper at
the hotels. I enjoyed myself finely, so you see Dora & my
self are still taking on but nothing serious as yet. But
you do not think I am goose enough to believe your Pa
embraced me because he thought anything of me not I
I only said so to see what you would say. I am not quite
that silly yet, you also say I am very presuming. it may
be so, but you take somethings I say in ject for earnest
such as be certain you are not mistaken in regards to my
sentiments toward you. I only said it to be talking & do
not think you ought to give me such a blowing up over
trifles but of course you can do as you please. “Mollie have
I ever betrayed your confidence” if so I am willing to be treated as
such & will not complain. I must confess such language
as I used was out of place had it of been in earnest. Howev
er it is useless to say more on this subject & will drop it for
the present. I will add I am veyr sorry you harbor for one
moment such a thought. It is true the propper time
for such demonstrations is after certain rights have
been performed but thought it would do no harm
hoping the time would soon come when we could enj
oy each others society to the fullest extent. you tell me not
to think yours was a love letter. goodness knows I did not
it read like anything else from the accusations it con
tained or rather enveloping certain language in doubt
you talk of your confidence being misplaced god knows
I have never told you anything but what was strictly
true, so far as loving you, for I have loved you devoted
ly perhaps it would have been better had it not of been
so. but the more I knew of your kind & generous heart
the more I have loved you but enough of this your ma
is well I did not do exactly as you bade, but told your
ma of your fright & your jumping the fence
but told her not to be uneasy that you was only act
ing circus a little in imitation of one you visited
recently. you say if you were here you would sea
re away the blues. I wish you were here to see what
effect your presence would produce. I think it
would work like a charm upon me. Dora says
she believes I love you what do you think of that
I believe there is no news of interest in town. no
body married or died very recently Dora is making
a very pretty picture frame & has it nearly finis
hed says if I will give her my photograph she
will put it in the pretty frame of her own maki
ng. I asked your Pa what had become of his run
away daughter & when he heard from her last
He asked me if I had not got a letter from
you. Talked like he knew I had rather took me
by surprise at first but I told him I had
two from you recently, but did not show
them to him. Cliff Loppas has gone to mid
way to school to fit herself for a teacher
Rube whenever I see Mrs Lemon I think of
what she said, my dear children I told you you
had a pa. It would be rather singular if they
had not dont you think so, you say Rube
likes her name what do you mean is it the
word Rube you like so much. I think it
becomes you very much as it is a pretty name
Mrs Shelton has been very low for sometime
not much hopes of her recovery. John Webb
is here to see his mother you say where ever
the heart is there home is, if that is the case my
home is near you & has been for some time
Rube please answer this as soon as received
& please excuse this short letter & I will do better
next time if you dont get too mad while you
are writing your next one. I suppose you have
heard of the death of Lincoln & Seward by
assassination. give my regards to your cousin
will close while I remain your true friend
& devoted lover J.J.H.

written in haste excuse all mistakes if
you please, god bless you Rube for ever.

PS Do not let any one see this has Jim
Crumbaugh called on you recently he left here wedn
esday & gave him directions how to find you. said he was
going to take you out riding if you would go. treat him well
for he is a particular friend of mind & a good fellow

Miss Mollie C. Burns

Georgetown Apr 18

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