April 17 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
 Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Sunday eve        Prison No 3 Barracks 22
Camp Chase Ohio April 17th 64

My Dear Friend
yours of the 12th was received

the evening of the 15th Somewhat like yourself just
as I had collected my writing materials the bugh son
ndid for inspection when I had to drop everything
until it was over. So Billie F & Gabe are to be marr
ied at last well that is somewhat a surprise to me
I never thought that would be a match from the way
he used to talk but there is no dependence to be placed
in people now adays dont you think so. It would seem
you are fond of young preachers. I used to think you were
partial to that class of people & now I know it I have
prophisied you will marry a methodist preacher
I imagine I hear you say “pshaw” you don’t think
any such think” but I think I am correct in my
belief well they are genrally good kind individuals.
Mollie how much I could have enjoyed your mee
ting had I been there. The announcement has
just been made that there will be preaching to us by
a Rebel Colonel this evening. but I expect I shall
not hear him as I prefer writing to you at this time
not that I dislike preaching by any means. I think I
could tell some yarns equally as hard as the
young preacher if not more so. I cannot see any just
reason why you cannot accompany me person as well
as another to Cal Emigrants to Cal are unfortunate

especially when they start from Georgtown

in some respect this makes two to my knowledge that
have been refused. I should like to accompany him to the
above named place what has become of Sallie M
I have just received a letter form my mother stating
she had received one form me since I have been
in prison. please send the reply you made to jesser?
question you say you wish it was in your power to
assist me I am perfectly well satisfied you could do any
thing  you could to assit me without your saying
so I expect to be sent round on exchange erlong
as I do not expect to get released on any other terms very
soon. I very very often thing of the evening spent
with you & of the present you have for me you
recolect I have not shaved since I have been a pris
oner you can imagine I look very rough about the
face. I must come to a close as we are only allowed
to write one side of paper wish I could write as

commit this & all others of my to the flames & oby JJH

much as I desire for I have only written half as mu
ch as I would like good bye for the present write
soon as you can while I remain your friend &
just imagine you see a package ten feet square
of that article you mentioned in yours which  I sent
you excuse this poorly written production


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