April 22 1865

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Saturday Morning April 22nd

Dearest Friend,
You obey well, I was pleased to find
Your letter awaiting my return, it arived on W[illegible?]
my self, yesterday. Jimmie C__ has not called yet. Mollie
will always treat your friends well and not
only treat Jimmie well for your sake, but like
him very much myself, does he intend to stay
in Lou__ or only passing through. I was pleased
to hear of your being with my sisters on Sunday
last, what do you think of Mrs Jenkins Charlies
Ma, I wish he was more like her. I believe I
want to see Fannie three little ones, and Charlie
Boots worse than any of you all up there. But
I want to see you mighty bad geting a little hom
sick, ever could stay away very long at a time
Such a blowing up, well well you know I could
not get along with out scolding a little, but
we will let it all pass. I love to tease you
so much, you dont know how much I enjoy it
or you would allow one the privelage would you not.
I never had any secrets from Ma or Pa not that
they were prying attall, but I never do any thing
that I object to them knowing. I guess Pa just
took it forgranted You had heard from me
I shall go and call on Cliff when I get
to midway. It was quite laughable what Mrs Lemons
said indeed but I think she was excuseable
under the circumstances. Rube is the name
like so well to hear you call me It might
not sound so well from any one else or other lips I guess
if Mrs Shelton should die Bob S_ and Alice S_
would marrie. The Citty here is still in mourning
fo Lincoln. We went down on the Morning Star
to boat you bad Rebes pressed in to take
you over into Ind. Captain Ballard told
me you all like to have scared him to death
Blue river island is just above whare we got
off whare Hines burried some of his men. I
was delighted with the first Clerk, had the
pleasure of his attention down and up, all
spare time he was an acquaintance of Cousines
We had a fine string band on board
Some very pleasant Young ladies, and a
nice dance on our way back. But I didnot
care to be introduced to any stranger consequently
held no conversation with any Gent but the Captain
Clerk and cousin, we were on all night on
our return, being delyed receiving freight.
slept very little, so much noise at the landings
Cousin Sallie Hutchins and I went to, two
house parties. their style of dres I could better
describe with any tongue having more power
to employe it to a better advantage than
my pen for inst light lawn dresses black
skirts bows of blue red and yellow ribbon in
profusion, no requard to color or taste, Sallie
and I being from the City had choice
of the Gents or course if there was any choice.
Of course WE put on all the style immaginable
had our own fun. You knowing
Girls vanity will think our imagination
had a great deal to do with it. But if we had
been two live Elephants we would not have
been gazed at more, now I know you all
up there will say, yes just like her. great sensation
in that Portion of the country concerning oil
as they are boring for it have found some. But deliver
me from Ind, what little I seen of it. they told
me on the boat what I might expect to see, but
I told them on my return their descriptive powers
failed to give me the least idear of the Country
till I had seen it. But there is a pretty good joke out
on me. I have written home and told
them about it. But I dont believe I will tell
you. ask Dora if you would like to know
but I guess you are not that much interested
Dora sais she believes you love me, and you
wish to know, what I think of it. Well I would
not like to think otherwise. You can answer this
letter I may make a start for home, the last of
next week or the first of the followering week
I have just comenced to make Cousin Mary
a frame and will have it to finish. Cousin wants
me to stay with her till the firt of June till her
Husband comes home like to be accomodateing
but am getting a little home sick now.

I shall

expect a letter, I may answer it, and I may answer
it in person. which would you prefer I know
you would say in letter just to be contrary but
I do not like to be teased if I do enjoy teasing
myself. and especially from you. Cousin
sends her well wishes, and sais something else. I will
not tell you what I could not make out what was eraced
toward the last of your letter this time

As ever your Friend MCB


Your letter was open when Cousin got it
out excuse the envelope

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