August 26 1863

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Camp Chase Aug Ohio Aug 26th

Dear Friend your welcome favor of the 18th came safely to hand on the 25th
and it contents carefully pursued. But when at last my eyes at the bottom of
the page and saw the name attached my heart fairly leaped and went. well no
matter now suffice it to say words are inadequate to expressing feelings
in the news of a letter from one I had so truly dispaired of [illegible] c
ame at last and with it the assurance that I was not entirely forgotten,
“I read reread & then read it again” as you remarked little did I think
a year would lapse without my seeing my old native town with so m
any hollowed associations and fond recolections of the past and numerous
friends. “Flowers made to bloom wither wither and fade I had little thought
of leaving the state the night I stopped at Mrs Lemons to tell her & Tom
goodbye. By the way please recolect providence does not always attend to his own patch
It would not have been a compliment to you as namesake had my horse
been old & unsightly in the eyes of men. But he was just to the contrary a little
too high mettled at times similar to _____ hence the name. you sensured
me with forgetfulness of you. “Oh what a word.” probably it would have cost me
less anxiety & concasiness had it been so but you accuse me wrongly. It was
the next thing to an impossibility at that time to send a letter from Tenn to Ky
but I suppose there was some sent through never the less. Had it been other
wise you would have received not only one but probably more than you
would like to have been troubled with for it seems you have been enjoying
yourself finely dancing going to picnicks &c &c It would seem the gentlemen
dancing one or the other possessed far greater attractions now than in days
of yore, for it was more than I ever could persuade you to do. not thinking
it harm by any means as I have often told you, But the people are going
by [contraies?] now a days. However I sincerely hope you will keep your
promise with your Paris friend as regards danceing. I spent my winter
in East Tenn at sweet water a small town on the Virginia & Tenn
rail road, a pleasant little place not leaving there unil the 10th of Feb
when I joined my command at Beach Grove since that time have been
in some close place as you supposed closer than I would like to be again
you will probably think I am jesting when I tell you I have gone to sleep
and had pleasant dreams while riding along some dreary rank but
it is never the less true being perfectly woreout from loss of sleep riding
day & night. Of course I had a sweet heart in Tenn you know my weakness for the fair sex the next question is
what is her name. I know you want to know it well I will tell you
It was Mollie T a lady of sweet “sixteen as as novels says
large blue eyes bright hair & nose slightly inclined heaven wards sings
and plays with exquisite taste on the piano what do you think of the pie
tune “n,” what has become of Sallie McLeonnell also Laura Ready
I am sorry Evan Cannins is in ill health married life does
not agree with him it would seem. I should like to attend singing
[illegible] as I used very much to enjoy [illegible] aid you [avale?]
like to see me I imagine no more than I would you. I understand the
church members layed a side their religion on certain occasions more
especially the methodist. Is it possible bad girl for one that was so
opposed to dancing to participate Bad girl truly Jones Griffin was moved
to another part of the prison so I am alone our boys have all been removed
to Camp Douglass Howard Graves is very sick with the fever. I heard that some
of our town boys had left Ky to avoid the draft. we are regailed every evening
with music from a brass band and a sight occasionly at the fair sex as
their curiosity brings them hither to get a sight at, [morgans?] horse theives
[Bammin?] is only second rate compared with to us Criticism are unnecessary
as regards your letter send to us again for I assure you your letter was
duly appreciated, as it is about all the enjoyment we have receiving letters
from our friends, but I am overstepping my bounds and must hasten
to a close I heard from your sweetheart last winter Tom Flannagin he was in
Miss wouldnt you like to see him. Frank A is not married yet
I suppose it is postponed indefinately. of CHW h cousin
Sallie N asks your where about at the present time, poor fellow he is here
sick & I fear will never recover. I have been sick myself for the last two weeks
but have nearly recovered at least sufficiently so to be out of all danger, it is
somewhat a task for me to write a letter from this place because of nothing that would in any
interest you & as I suppose you have very few acquaintances here besides my
self that I could make mention of, I suppose it is useless to say anything
about my seeing cousin John & Thornton for it has been such a langth of time
since I saw them
in all probability you have heard several times since then at any rate it will
do no harm, I saw them in march last near liberty Tenn they were well
& in good spirits, They left Smiths Regt about that time & joined Will
Breckinridge in exchange for Wallace & Howard Graves so as to be with Alb
ert I have not seen or heard from them since. you say my sweet heart
was pretty as ever so much for that & that she is awaiting patiently for my return
well” I fear that will be some time yet I am fearful she is depending on a bro
ken stick you ought to go & see her often for I think you would find her quite interta
ining but probably it will be well necessary to remind you of the fable of the gay Lotterie
and his friend
& take warning of his case

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