August 27 1864

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Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH

Dearest Friend                    August 27th 1864
For dating my letter, it calls to mind that a
another summer has come and almost gone. Winter with her chillin
blasts is almost upon us. And  you are still an exile
and a Prisnor from your home. But talking of, or thinking
about does not men the matter in the least, or many a
Prisnor ere this would have been released from looks and
barrs. You it seems ajusted your guessing eap, rather than
the studdying one, But you will have to make a better
guess than that, before you can come anyways near it
you must try again before I till you. I am glad to hear
that my long letter conduced somewhat to your happiness
it is a pleasure to me, to add to the pleasure of my
friends. If you will exonorate me from al appearances
of flattery I promis to do better in the future, and
you know Rube well enough to know, when she
makes a promise, it is not a mere batter of
moonshine you ask, if I will not allow
you to joke me about my badness, that you go
acording to contraries, please take it that way
well interpreting the bad good, the sour sweet, it is rather
rather pleasing in the closing of your letter But runing
my eye over it again, whare you sey the oligonal
will suit better than other that, she is you know
plump pretty, and very neat with all,
shall I think any friend, means the reverse of
all this, if so just let me know a little by degrees
it will be easyier to bear, I wait your explana
tion. I have some little news. Mr Noah Spears and
Chap Steaffee are married, and are on a bridal
trip to the Falls, My old sweetheart Tom Cocks
has been here, had quite a chat with him at
the drugstore. Tillie Price and Grit Weeks are
inseperable Mr Crocket broke the match up
between his son and her. Harve Tailor is
dead his wife received a letter from his
Captain, he fell on the battle field at, Atlanta
Mrs John Wright is also dead, do not know the
partickulars of his death Mary Nicles was
burried and sunday week last, hers was indeed a
happy death bed, She was so willing to go, and
talked so beautifull to those standing around
although many tears was shed all knowing


Mr John Haun
Prison No 3 Barracks No 7
Camp Chase, Columbus

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31 Aug

Dated August 27th 64
recvd Sept 5th 64

1864 M. Burns

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