August 28 1867

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Quincy, CA
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Quincy, August 28 67

My Dear Son —

Your Pa received
your letter on the 16th of this month
& we were some what disappointed
it was so long before we got a letter
that we come to the conclusion that
you were on your way home, but
I think it is best the way it is for
it is a sickly season of the year to travel
yet we are so anxious to see you
I took a good cry when we got
your letter, for it seemed to me
that I was never to see you a gain.
I have had so many disappointments
a bout seeing you, that I almost dis
pair at times, yet it is the little hope
that is left in me that keeps me
up, oh my son come to us & let
me have that pleasure before I die
to see you once more, your Pa
is very busy now hauling
in his hay & wheat the crop is
fine this year a gain, he has two
men to cut & haul, he has at
last got the ranch so that he does
not have to hire like he used to
that is why he has not written-
& I was sick last week I am now
well, there is three different ones
wanting the ranch, they have made
no offer as your Pa told them he
was expecting you out & did not
care to sell until you came, if we could
have sold during the war we would
gladly have done so but now there is
talk of the rail road going through
this valley, & they will complete a wa
ggon road to Rabbit creek this summer
& they are making a waggon road a long
the canon to Indian Vally, these roads
will make ranches valuable in this val
ley, crops are now sure here than below
Fred King of Mohawk sold his
property for eighteen thousand dollars &
wants to buy this, Dick Trunin also
wants it, & Creed Harmond, I tell your
pa if we can get 10 thousand dollars
to take it I believe we will get that
before two years- I received a letter
from Mary- I will answer it soon
Son if you marry you & her take that
box of clothing & pack up all the val
uables & bring with you, there is a lot
of new linen sheeting & towels &
pillow cases & all of my quilts I want
any thing that you do not bring give
to betty you can pack them in a trunk or
small box, & do come if you only
have money enough to bring you to S
anfrancisco, we can manage it then
if we were all to gather we could tell
then better what to do & all would be
satisfied, tell us in your next when
you will start so I will know when
to look for you, oh son let me
beg of you to come & see what
we have got for you here, your Pa
is so anxious to give up the business to you
& let you do as you are a mind to with
it he says he will always do every thing
to help you that he can, but he is getting
so that it is two much for us at our age
it will take so little to do us the balance
of our days, & we are so anxious to
see you get what we have if
you was only here with a wife that
would take an interest in your affairs
we could all live so easy & comfort
able & enjoy life, then let a fond
& devoted Mother entreat you to come
to here we love you better than
any thing on this earth & have done the
best we could for your interest, oh come
to smooth our dying pillows for in
the course of nature we cannot be here
a great while longer, give my love to
all of the kin & to betty & Sam & the child
go & see your Aunts before you leave I
would like so much to have their pictures
ask them to your wedding if you marry, how glad
I would be if Sam & betty could come
with you, your Pa sends his best love to you
& says come, & if you want to go back you can
sell out & so, I hope this will be the last letter
I will have to write you there M Haun

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