December 11 1864

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Camp Chase, OH
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


Sunday Morning Dec 11th 64
Camp Chase Ohio Pis 3 Bar No 7

Miss Mollie my friend

yours of the 28th of Nov

has been received and duly considered & in return am glad you
are still good health and enjoying yourself so finely you will no
doubt think a little strange of such delay in answer to your letter
one reason is I did not have the ring completed & another is I have
been a little unwell for several days but nothing very serious but
am all right again. I only wish I could make a party of two to have some
fun wish you as I used to but it looks like I never will cease to be an in
mate of Camp Chase but as the old maid said by marrying as long as life
lasts there is hope

no allusion whatever

I think my time will not be more than four years longer at
any rate I am sorry for you. I would advise you to make haste & get off but I am
afraid you might offer some of the same sort of advice to me so I will
keep quiet on that score Clint was a good looking fellow chalk & him would ahve
been a very hansome coupple traveling down lifes rugged road together but prob
ably she has her heart placed on one fine specimen of the masculine gender
probably a minister what do you think fo the picture. I have heard it was an
ill omen for the wedding cake to fall was it cut or did it fall by accident
or own accord. Enclosed you will find a ring for Dora

sewed to paper

a pearl sun with bra
ches on each side. we have nothing of interest to write or talk about only what
we have to eat for the coming meal. I can boast of half pint of meals & spoonful
of salt for breakfast with plenty of water. I will send you a ring soon like this
if you admire the pattern must close write to me soon & often. This is my
birthday but you cannot guess my age. good bye for the present my
regards to Dora & love to Rube I remain your friend. J.J.H.

Miss Mollie C Burns
Georgetown Scott Co

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