February 24 1865

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient:  Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Georgetown Feb 24th 65

Miss Mollie
My dearest Friend

this is sunday and according to
promise I write you a few lines it
is a gloomy looking day here with a
little rain. I went to your house after
getting home last Sunday eve and
stayed until your Ma came home
from church. Pa Ma & myself also sis
Dora had quite a pleasant chat when
I left Dora followed me to the door I
suppose for pitys sake to remind me as
much as possible of you and asked me
if I would not go over again soon but
I told her nary a time once. John
S was married Thursday morning before
4 00 & started off got home last night
about 8 00 said he saw you as he passed
Mr Renshaw. He look too gay stopped
at will Sherrills and was serenaded
by vocalists. says he would not be
single again for any amount advises all
Old Bachs to marry forth with for its
a good thing but probably the bad part
is to come yet. I went down to call
on Mrs Jenkins Friday night & found
her in bed. I told her I had seen at last
what I awnted to see & that was her with
her night cap on her head & not her
heel Fannie came to the door & sat
with her till half past nine when
Charles came in. bob White also
arrived with a wife but I have not
seen her as yet but understand she
has a pretty red head and cross eyed
would you not like to see her I would
Bob invited me up to dine to day
but I excused myself. Jack Clark
gave a birth day supper last week
he being 50 years old & I understood
had everything nice to eat & drink
and such to be merry upon

I have no news of interest to write

you Mat is drinking again some
you had better come back & get him
to quit. he will quite for your sake fi
for no one elses. Love I want to see you
so much. you took snap judgement
on me when I left just snatched me
in and kissed me before I knew what
I was about. Mollie you should not treat me
so. I want you to see all the fun you can
while you are there but dont fall in
love with some fellow over there if
you do I will go and see a widow sure
before you get back. I suppose you
will allow me to visit the girls while
you are away. I was at Aunt Ells Mrs
Lemons and your house this evening
Frank was there also making love
to Dora I believe your ma asked me
if I had any news from midway
but I told her no. Dora did not
believe me. They take it for granted
you will write to me if no one else
but how they are mistaken aint
they. I wish I had something new to
write you. I had lots of fun with
Dora & Dinks this evening. I am going
to have some fun too while you
are away. I do not know how to
put in sundays while you are
gone. I have not you to talk to &
cheer my drooping sprits. Will
Crumbaugh was in yesterday & made
many inquiries about you & when
you were coming back but I told
him four or five weeks at the least
Bob Snall starts to the river tomor
row for more goods Mollie I will close
for the present having nothing more
to write, tell me when you expect
to come how & how are getting
along. Please dont let any one see this
not even Cliff write soon as you can
think how I would like to have one
sweet kiss bless your sweet lips god bye
love & take care of your self. your devoted lover
till death J.J.H.

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