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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Quincy, CA
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Georgetown, KY


to the fair I have been over to see
her poor thing how I pitty her she
is so confused & they have got nothing
in the world they will have to leave
that place this fall Fran has taken
the ensolert[?] act he does nothing
in the world to make a living I
cannot see what they are a going
to do if she comes over I will try
& get her to stay with me this
winter for I cannot see what she
is to do I did not go in the house
at Wards but drove up to the
gate & got her & the children & went
to Mrs Chips and stayed all knight
& started home in the morning your
pa wrote a long letter to Lizzie’s pa
telling him her situation we did not
know where to direct it & I wrote a
few lines to Mr Moore & sent the
letter to him requesting him to send it
to John you can see them & hear
what your pa wrote keep these
things in the family I felt it
my duty to go & see for my self
her situation. your pa & I have
given you all the news worth r
elating as he has written you
a long letter we get the papers
& the harbinger which is a great
pleasure to us indeed tell Sara
h West I will write to her as soon as
the fair is over. I have
been better contented this year than
I have ever been in Cal I have
got an agreeable girl living with
me I have more company & go more
than I ever have & an other reason
is you are with the negroes to take
care of them & can enjoy yourself
if you will you donot say a word

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