Undated Frangment [POW Period]

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: California
 Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Camp Chase, OH


must try & tell us what we can do for
you. at any rate my dear son keep up
good spirits. for that will have a great
influence upon our health & think it is the
fate of war bear it as well as you can
& think it will not last always & when
it is over you are not like the most of your
poor comrades striped of every thing but will have
a plenty to come home to & now my
precious son I must bid you farewell
again oh how much I want to see you
none but God knows. hope keeps me a
live I feel that God will permit us to meet
again on earth. I will not suffer my self
to disponde but put my trust in God believing
that he will do all things well & that we will
meet again in peace never give it up but
try & maintain your rights trusting in God
that he will prosper those that put their trust
in him. farewell farewell my son. write on
the receipt of this to your anxious & devoted parents. M Haun

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